Saturday, September 1, 2012

{Sew'd it Saturday}

Okay I have all this free time on my hands since 3 out of the 4 kids are in school,
I just don't know what to do.
Yeah, Right.
Little girl keeps me busy.
But I find excuses to do things that distract me from cleaning the house,
like crafting and sewing.
Who knew I would like sewing so much.
When I got my sewing machine for Christmas last year, I was afraid I wouldn't use it enough.
I believe I suprised even Nate on how much I enjoy sewing. 
I haven't shared many of my sewing projects lately--  maybe because over the summer
my sewing machine collected dust instead of created pretty things.
But now I have dusted it off and organized my sewing supplies (I am always willing to organize just not clean!) and am ready to create.
 I had plans all summer to make some dresses out of the girls shirts.
I have been seeing alot of posts on blogs and pins on pinterest about upcycling clothing.
I wanted to try it.
I dug in the girls closets for two shirts they wouldn't miss.
Gigi's was actually a shirt with a grease stain on the front.
Then was the fun point, picking out fabric.  I had purchased on a whim the cutesy owl print for Gigi's.   It was sitting in my stack of fabrics which I hope to use for something fun someday.
Well that someday is today.
 The dresses didn't take long to make.
I can see the girls wearing these dresses with leggings over the fall.
The finishing touches just went on the sash so they haven't had the pleasure of
wearing them yet.
 Do you like?
Nate doesn't like the idea of the girls wearing clothes I made.
He hasn't come out and said it, but the words "and where would they wear that?"
  Have come out of his mouth. 
I think they are adorable and look so fun.  Yes, it might not be the popular "Justice" clothes that alot of the kids wear, but I can gaurantee it is ALOT cheaper.
Have you walked into that store?
It is like a sequins bomb went off in there.  Lots of Sparkle!
The girls love them and its just another dress Gigi has in her closet to wear.
She has taken a firm stance on wearing dresses or skirts everyday! 
It is an utter fight to put her in shorts or heaven forbid a pair of jeans.
Oh, the joys of having girls.
The only thing I have to worry about with Bubba is that it matches. 
He is particular on whether his clothes match -- just like his dadda.

My goal is to get more time to enjoy with my sewing machine. 
I hope it continues because I have alot more ideas and alot more fabric to use.
A few things on the agenda are:
Halloween costumes
Christmas pajamas for the entire family (Nate too!)
and more clothes for my girls.
I also have a friends expecting twins and have a few thoughts up my sleeve on what
to make for her.  Can't wait.
So I better get busy and start stitching so I have a project to reveal next week.
I am trying to make {Sew'd it Saturday} a regular thing just like {Tried it Tuesday}
Just trying to set trends.  LOL 
I know most of my family would like me to particpate in Wordless Wednesday, just so I stop gabbing.    Not going to happen.  Can't do it.   :-)
Okay, now I have to go clean my house ... can't put it off any longer. 
The dust rag is calling my name.
Happy Sewing!!

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