Friday, August 31, 2012

Just the two of us

The house is so quiet right now.
Baby is sleeping, dogs are taking a nap, and the only noise is the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard and a jet passing over head.
This summer I don't think I could have heard a plane flying over head, it was a little noisy. 
But I think I liked it better that way, now it is TOO quiet.
It's just me and Lil Miss.
My days are so free!!
Some days we don't even go anywhere we just drop the kids off at school and then look at each other like -- "well now what?"
If you know me well you know I don't do well with doing nothing.
I have to have plans and daily tasks and a schedule.
But there are some good things about having not alot to do during the week.

I get to enjoy my coffee before it is cold and even have taken Lil Miss to a few garage sales.
We have taken walks and bike rides and have gone to the playground a few times.
But we both miss the other kids.
Mommy isn't as much fun playing on the see saw and her sister
Rosie pushes her higher in the swing than mommy does.

Lil Miss gets to have play dates with the puppies.
I am not sure the dogs are that happy about that.
They tolerate her teasing and playing peek a boo with the blanket. 
I have been teaching her to be nice and to pet nicely not bop them on the head like she used to.

She has had alot more time coloring and chalking and storytime.
She really enjoys that.
But she quickly tires and moves onto something new.
But the best part of all is the snuggles.
We have our snuggle time right before nap.
My favorite time of the day!
We are adjusting to this new normal during the week and both of us have had
to make some adjustments.  She has to learn to talk more and mommy has to give up the remote for Elmo.   Compromise.

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