Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Playing in Lake Michigan

Oh no it's another post about camping. 
But this time there was sand dunes, lake swimming, and
a really cool playground.
We camped with Nate's parents this past weekend.
We met almost halfway between their house and our house in Berrien Springs Michigan.
It was the first time the in-laws got a look at our home away from home.
Unfortunately on friday when we were going to head to the dunes it rained.
It was pleasant because the temperatures cooled off, but there goes mommy's plans out the window.
Grandma and Grandpa had spotted a playground the night before
and we went exploring.
It was one of the coolest playgrounds I have seen! 
And one of the biggest!!
There was something for everyone.
Lil Miss showed off her sweet balance beam skills.
The kids didn't even mind running around in the drizzle of rain that never stopped.

This is my favorite photo!!!
Grandpa and Lil Miss
Outside of the playground area was a nice big lawn and that led to the St Joseph's River. 
It was very scenic.

And what is a little camping without some geo-caching?
We didn't fare so good on the searches. 
Out of the 3 we looked for we only found one, but it was a good one.
Rosie found this dolphin among the treasures and I think it is the best treasure to date!!
It was even stolen by one of her sibling's for awhile.... must be pure gold! :-)
I was crossing my fingers that we would get reception at the campground so we could watch
the opening ceremonies.   I know it is pretty pathetic that we are sitting around the campfire
watching TV, but it is only every 4 years that we get to the olypics and the opening ceremonies are always good.  The kids got to learn about what the olympics is and somehow Nate got to talking about wars, so the is Rosie's new favorite topic as well. 
So we were cuddled around the campfire in our sweatshirts (yes it was chilly) watching Mr. Bean make us laugh.
On saturday the skies cleared up and we were finally able to pack up to go to the dunes and the beach.   The weather was hot, but at the beach there was a strong breeze and it was very pleasant. 
We diecided to work up a good sweat before we jumped into Lake Michigan, so a few of us climbed the big pile of sand.  Gigi was the first up the dune.
Grandpa helped coax the kids up.
I don't know about him but my calfs and shins still ache from climbing up.
{teamwork -- great to see that they can still be friends! }
{we made it!!  the top of the dune!!}
After carefully coming down the dune -- Pam, Bill and Nate all recalled the story of Neil running down the dune unable to stop and ALMOST breaking Pam's umbrella. 
So we carefully came down without breaking our necks.
The water was chilly.  Really nail bitingly cold.
The sand was perfect for sand castle building.

{Bathing Beauty}
{Sand, Sand, Everywhere!!}
The weekend went by so fast.  Before we knew it we were packing up and heading out. 
This is one way to keep Lil Miss out of trouble, put her in with the dogs.  Our own petting zoo.
We made it home Sunday, unpacked, put our pajamas on and stacked spots on the couch to watch the Olympics.  Rosie has become a big fan of gymnastics and guess what she wants to do now..... be in gymnastics.  I am sure gymnastic programs see a big jump in registration after the Olympics.  I will be looking for a place to put our Olympian.   What is your favorite part of the Summer Games?


  1. adorable pics! And sadly, I have never been camping, though my favorite vacation is renting a cottage on a lake and waking to the sound of water lapping on the shore. Favorite moment: my first coffee out on the dock. All this in stark contrast to our Disney cruise this summer. Full of moments if you feel like reading about other vacation forays!

  2. Your family is beautiful! I loved camping growing up! New follower from bloggy moms, I look forward to your posts! You can find me at

  3. Glad I found your blog from Bloggy Moms - I am another West Michigan blogger! I'm blogging from a little north of you in South Haven! Your family is adorable!