Sunday, September 23, 2012

{Sew'd it Saturday} -- Bench Cushion

Okay, I know it's not Saturday... but today I finally have my
new computer up and running.
Nate set it up all day yesterday, but by the time he had it all ready for me to go
I was too tired to tinker around with it.
So it's Sew'd it Sunday today.
I bought some cool wooden crates from Michael's a couple
months ago.  I painted them right away and asked Nate if he could
put them up on the wall in the office as shelves.  When Nate doesn't like my ideas
he just ignores me and never does it.
I waited and waited.
I debated whether I should go against my promise to never put holes in the wall without him, until I finally gave up.   The crates were never going to be pretty little shelves in the office.
So, I had to come up with a different plan.
One of the crates had been sitting under our desk since it was painted and Lil Miss
had started to put things in it.
That's when it hit me. 
A bench. 
I will put them together and make a little bench out of the crates. 
I love when I have these epiphanies.
Nate does not.
 The crates were painted different colors for the shelf idea -- but when I decided to make a bench
I painted them all a vivid purple color.
I laid them all together under the front window and Lil Miss made it her little sitting area instantly.
 I then had decide what fabric to make the bench cushion out of.
I love fun vibrant colors. 
So when I came across this green leaf print I had to have it, even though
I didn't have a current use for it.
Until now.
In one day I had the cushion I purchased covered and all sewed together.
It was as easy as that. 
Hardest part was paying for the cushion which was expensive
for a piece of foam.
The end result is perfect though and I now have a place to house all the toys that
float around the office.
Just call me Martha Stewart!!  :-)


  1. Where did you find the foam for the cushion? I wamt to make cushions for my breakfast nook table.

    1. I bought the foam at JoAnn fabrics. It is 2" thick and I had to cut it down a little to make it work perfectly. Hope that helps

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  3. Hi there! Just curious how it's held up with being sat on? I've had this idea too but afraid it might not hold the weight of people sitting on it. (AMAZING story, by the way! What a wonderful family you have!)

    1. It isn't extremely strong. It withholds my children sitting on it and I had played with putting a board over the top to make it sturdier but didn't. For what it is used for (mostly storage) it is perfect and cheap.

  4. Did you nail the crates together and lay the cushion on top

    1. I did not nail the crates together. I have them pushed against the wall so they stay together quite nice. The cushion was just layed on top.