Saturday, September 8, 2012

{Sew'd it Saturday} -- Star Wars Quilt

Well I finally finished it. 
Bubba's Star Wars quilt is complete.
I started this one right after I got Lil Miss and Rosie's done at the beginning of summer.
I had all the fabric all summer and finally cut it out and quilted it together.
What a feeling of accomplishment. 
And it is super comfy!!
I plan on stealing this when I am downstairs to cuddle up with. 
I don't like really elaborate quilts with alot of stitching because they aren't as fluffy and cozy.
They are pretty but this one is cozy.

I used this super cool Star Wars print I found at Joann's.
Nate thought I needed to do the whole quilt in Star Wars fabric but I like how I matched it with more masculine prints.  Not too girly.
Even though Nate thinks it is borderline feminine.
I won't tell him that Bubba really wanted pink on his quilt because it is his favorite color
but I didn't give in! 
 I added an appliqued X on the back just like I did the girls initials.  It adds a nice touch.
"X marks the spot!"
I really like quilting. 
Not the maneuvering of large piece/pieces of fabric through my machine, but the putting of different fabrics together.  If I could just pick the fabrics and put them how I want them
and someone else stitch it all together, I would be in heaven.
BUT then I wouldn't probley have the same sense of accomplishment as I do know. 
I would also be lighter in the pocketbook, and then sewing would be another hobby I spend too much money on.
Who am I kidding, I already do!! 
But look hubby I am creating things.  Things that are useful. 
Wait for a cold winter night and Bubba is cuddled up in his new Star Wars quilt and you will be thanking me. 
Another sewing project complete.... I am on a roll.
Bring on next week! 

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