Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day

We celebrated without too much manual labor.  It was mainly a relaxing weekend watching the little kids play with their cousins.  Times I always love!!!
We woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful sunrise. 
The morning after the blue moon was the most stunning pink sunrise over the
woods behind Mom's house. I grabbed the three kids that were awake and we
raced outside in pajamas and bare feet to get the last few glimpses of the sun behind the trees before the  pretty colors melted away to the morning sky.
We divided and conquered on Saturday.  Nate took the older three kids with him, and me and Lil Miss spent time with Grandma. 
We took a walk with my sister and her two boys. 
The kids played and played and even a few sprinkles didn't spoil their fun. 
When gametime came we found spots on Beth's couches and snuggled under blankets watching our Buckeyes win their first game of the season.
The boys and Lil Miss rough housed on the floor and fought taking naps until I layed Lil Miss down in a crib.  A relaxing Saturday.
 {Lincoln has gotten sooo BIG!}
 I am trying to get these two to be friends not mortal enemies.  I am not sure it is working.
 You got to LOVE this guy's face.
 I volunteered to babysit the boys (at mom's so I had some help) while Beth and Scott got to go out to dinner and enjoy their anniversary.  I hope she remembers this when its my turn.  :-)
The kids had a ball.  They were playing non stop until I put The Lorax in and then it was
slumber party time.
Sunday morning Nate had his duty as godfather to Miley Marie. 
We were all there to celebrate the day with them. 
 {two big kindergartners} 
 {why does this look so dangerous?}
 As you can see, it was a highly stressful weekend.  No I kid.
With the overcast skies and low key weekend, we really enjoyed ourselves. 
Nate even had enough time to build a Lincoln log house with Bubba. 
I don't think I have seen those Lincoln logs used in years!
Mom says that she thinks that some of the Lincoln logs were from when she was little.
It's a toy that never grows out of style.
So I hope you all relaxed like us.  Most stressful thing about the whole weekend was all the cops
we saw on our 6 1/2 hour drive home.  I think that is why Nate kept asking to drive.  He didn't want a
lead foot behind the wheel.  We arrived home without incident. 
Now on to our school/work/stay at home week.
Anything but mundane.  :-)

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