Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday Night Lights

We had a busy weekend.
Friday Night Cheering, Saturday Morning Soccer, A Wedding,
and a Sunday full of soccer and cheer.
The kids were excited Friday night for the High School Football game.
The girls were all dressed up to cheer and Bubba couldn't wait to see the football game.
Gigi came home from school with a cough and was really tired but I had her dress in her cheer stuff
and told her she didn't have to cheer if she didn't want to.
She didn't.   :-(
She would just get in a coughing fit and then have to spit the crud that came out.
It was not pretty.
She was a good cheerleader from the stands though.
 Rosie wouldn't have missed it for the world.
A whole bunch of her friends were there and there was alot of squealing and shrieking as soon
as they saw each other.
 They had learned one dance and 2 cheers.
They preformed them and then it was over.
Rosie was upset that it wasn't as long as the hour practice. 
It took some time explaining that you only did it once when you preformed, so you had
to pay attention and do your best that one time.
She was still mad that it was over.
We went back up to the stands with the rest of the family and proceeded to watch
exactly ONE quarter of the varsity game.  
Gigi and Lil Miss couldn't make it any longer.
Gigi was trying to sleep on our laps and Lil Miss was getting very sleepy.
Bubba wanted to stay and watch but we listened to it on the radio instead in the car.
{Daddy and the Girls}
The little girls went promptly to bed when we got home and the big kids stayed up late.
Maybe too late, because Saturday morning seemed to be torture on everyone.
Bubba was slow moving to get ready for his soccer game and Rosie wanted to sleep in forever!
With Gigi still out of sorts, Daddy took Bubba to his game and kept texting with updates.
First he scored one goal, then 2 goals and then 4 goals total!!
I am so proud.
Nate was able to get some great shots of him dribbling down the field and shooting the goals. 
2 goals were even with his left foot.
I wish I had his athletic ability.  sigh.
When the boys got home, Nate and I got dressed up and headed to our friends Chaney and Angie's wedding back in Ottumwa.
The kids stayed with a babysitter so it was a parents night out! 
If only Gigi wasn't crying when we left complaining that her stomach hurt.
Tore at this momma's heart. 
She didn't have a fever and just had a nasty cough -- which her brother has today and is currently sleeping it off on the couch.
I never know what to do in those situations. 
Stay home or go?
I don't think she gave the babysitter trouble.  She was just sleepy and run down all day.
Call me a bad mommy but I wanted to go to the wedding and
celebrate with our friends so we went. 

Then Sunday came a little too early.
There was no sleeping in and we had to get around in the afternoon for cheer and football.
With Gigi just getting over what she had and mommy and daddy being a little sluggish as well, we pulled straws on who went to what event.
Daddy got to go to cheer with Rosie at 12:30 and I took Bubba to football at 2:30.

Bubba has really improved from last year on the blocking on the line at football.
Here he is blocking his buddy Caden on the other team. 

The coach had him on the line all game and I think or I know he was
super disappointed he didn't get to play running back.
But without too much complaining he did his best at being a blocker.
Lots of sports this weekend, not to mention the College and NFL football that was
watched in this house. 

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