Monday, September 10, 2012

And so it begins...

Fall sports.  Football, Soccer, and Cheerleading they all started this week.
I love fall sports. 
Soccer is my favorite to watch and I was so excited to see Gigi with a big
smile on her face while she played her first sport.
 The first soccer practice she was really shy and kept falling over the ball. 
After practice I asked her what was wrong and she said she was too tired. 
So much for 5:30 practice on Wednesday for our Kindergartner.
Saturday morning she was a different girl!! 
Bubba is just a natural at the sport and the coach came up to me after the game and commented how
quick he is and how he understands the game so well.
Proud Momma!!!
Gigi started off a little slow not wanted to get into the mass of girls trying to kick the ball but about halfway through she was kicking and dribbling the ball down the field. 
 On Sunday it was Rosie's turn. 
Rosie had cheerleading at 12:30 and Bubba's game was right after her practice. 
Next week she will start to cheer at the boy's games and at one of Bubba's games Rosie will be on the sideline cheering her brother on.  
Bubba had his first game and was really quick to grab the other teams flags as soon as they got the ball.   His quick speed really helps him.
He had one fumble though as a running back and was disappointed and upset. 
He dwelt on this one mistake all day.    He got to see pro teams later that day make the same mistake and that helped.
If we aren't sick of football from opening NFL game wednesday, college football Saturday, and Bubba's game Sunday afternoon.... we still had more football Sunday night! 
We got home from Bubba's game just in time for Packers Football.
The whole family huddled in the basement to watch the game.
I had a wonderful supper of chicken fettuccine Alfredo planned but when Nate said "how about we eat light" I decided we would do a picnic. 
So we layed a blanket on the floor and ate homemade pizza rolls, veggies, apples, and Doritos while cheering the Packers on.
Nevermind that they lost. 
And just when we thought football was over for the week... oh no.... Monday Night Football tonight. 
At least with all the football I am getting lots of sewing down while I sit in front of the tv. 
Never an idle moment. 
I love fall.
Buckeye Football.
Kids Sports.
And the perfect jacket weather. 
Love Love.
I will get better pictures this coming weekend hopefully if Lil Miss cooperates and doesn't try to run on the field every time she is unsupervised. 
Hopefully after 6 weeks of practices and games she will catch on and
be content to just sit on the sidelines. 
Here's to hoping.  

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