Saturday, April 25, 2015

Walking by Faith

Blessed is she who has
believed that the Lord
would fulfill his promises
to her. 
Luke 1:45
A week ago our house was  full   fuller more than usual with 
family in town for Miss Gigi's First Communion. 
The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and we enjoyed our 
time outside catching up on the deck. 
On Saturday we took the family around town to a few "must see" attractions in 
the QC.  We saw American Pickers in Leclaire, John Deere Headquarters, 
and a local brew pub (because that was a necessity).
You can't come visit us for the first time and not see a little John Deere "green".
I've lived here almost 4 years and the Hubby had never taken me to Headquarters, so 
I was excited to see the Rusty Palace.  In college, I had actually studied the landscape plan for the 
building which was developed by Hideo Sasaki.

    None of our family lives close, so they all had to travel great distances to 
come all the way to Iowa.  We feel very blessed that they all took the time to 
share in this celebration for our daughter. 

Our girl felt like a princess. 
She wore her sister's first communion dress (the awesome thing about having 3 girls) 
but I surprised her with her own tiara/veil.  Since that day, the veil has been 
part of her day to day attire while at home.  Pretending to be getting married 
in the living room, she lives in her princess world daily. 
I am a princess, 
not because I have a prince
but because my father
is a King
and He is God. 
{ Hubby with his parents}
The weekend was over way to soon, and all was quiet again.  Okay, 
not really because is it ever really quiet here?  
A special day to remember.