Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Best Friend

9 years ago.
We were so young.
I couldn't believe how lucky I was to marry my best friend,
the love of my life.
9 years and many adventures later, I am still madly in love.  
Happy Anniversary!
Your little housewife

Friday, June 21, 2013

Open for Business

I am spreading the cute dress love! 
I started my very own Etsy store. 
Literally there is no more room in my girls closets for any more dresses, so I am spreading the love.  
The love of chevron, the love of everything Lalaloopsy, and love all things girly. 
It's been a ton of fun creating the dresses for my store.  
My store is called the Ruffled Orchid.  
 These girls are excited for mommy's latest adventure.  
They have helped me pick out fabric, put away all my pins countless times, and smile big for photos.  
Couldn't have done this without them. 
{Coral and Teal Beach Dress}
{Going to the Circus Peasant Dress}
{Lalaloopsy Dress}
{Lalaloopsy Dress}

{Polka Dot Star Dress}
 Cutest little flutter sleeves!!
I can't get enough of chevron! 
{Chevron Pocket Dress}

Those are a few of the things you will find in my shop! 
Take a peek and spread the word and if you have ideas on something else you would like to see in the store let me know.  I love creating new things!! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strawberry Fields

As a mother, there are certain things I have always dreamed about doing with my kids. 
During the years we were trying so desperately to have kids, I would daydream about doing things like taking my kids to the beach, or picking pumpkins. 
A bucket list of sorts, with activities I envisioned doing with my kids someday. 
My list included: 
Taking the kids to Disney world. (I can check that off my list, except Lil Miss didn't go so we are going to have to go back again!)
Watching the kids splash in the Ocean for the first time. 
Seeing the landscape of Yellowstone. 
Sharing an ice cream cone. (we have checked this off more times than I can count) 
And picking strawberries in a strawberry field. 
Today, we checked this one off of my imaginary list. 
Picture Perfect!   
 The kids were great strawberry pickers.  Lil Miss enjoyed picking them off the plant and then contemplating whether to put it in her basket or her mouth.  
My little farmers.  
Proud of their loot.  

Lil Miss's basket is filled with half eaten strawberries she was keeping for later.  
LATER -- mommy found them.  LOL  
Oh they couldn't wait to get home to eat more.  
For lunch we had strawberry milkshakes and for supper we made a fresh strawberry pie.  
I let the kids browse the strawberry section on pinterest and they have come up with a few new recipes to try.  Their mouths were watering looking at all the yummy strawberry desserts. 
We ended up with 8.5 lbs of strawberries. 
I am interested how long they will last.  
Any bets? 
So many years I would think about picking strawberries, but I was either too late or couldn't find a place close enough to us.  This year I was so happy to finally do this.  Its going to become a yearly tradition.  As perfect as it was in my dreams.... it doesn't always work out like that.  Any activity my kids can eat while doing it, is a winner to my kids!  

What are some of the activities you dream of doing with your children? 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Celebrating Daddy

I am so blessed. 
So blessed to have chosen the most amazing man to be a father to our children.  
Over the last 4 years, I have gotten a front seat view on how this man has developed into an exceptional father right before my eyes.  There is no better example of this than last night. 
We were all at Bubba's baseball game last night and it never fails somewhere in the middle of the game Bubba needs to go to the bathroom.  I wait outside the bathroom for the "mom, I need help" that always comes in adjusting all of his gear just right.  He is very particular.  His shirt has to be tucked in just right, and he is always concerned that his number is completely showing on the back of his shirt.  
As we are walking back to the dugout holding hands (yes he still holds my hand!), he turns to me and says "tell dad thanks for helping me learn how to hit the ball".  Right before we left for the game, Nate directly home from work in his dress clothes, was out pitching tennis balls to a nervous Bubba to help with his swing.  (he had been in a slump of hitting because he has been trying too hard and doesn't know how to line up at home plate)
So when Bubba hit his first hit that night, there was no one cheering louder than his Daddy right beside me, and our little boy went 3 for 3 last night! 
So instead of just having one day to celebrate daddy, we made it a whole weekend.  
We surprised him with a few small gifts throughout the weekend.  (mostly candy)
We let dad choose the activities and tried to let him relax as much as possible. 
(his ideal activity!!!) 
We camped at a local KOA campground with a pool.  
Bubba had a baseball game on Friday night and we have found we don't have to go far to get away.
We enjoyed the pool, even though it was really cold when you first got in.  
This girl was giving the camera smooches.  
One of the best things for the kids while camping, is the playground.  They liked the seesaws (which you don't see alot of anymore) and loved the tall metal slide which makes you go really fast.  
Mommy and Daddy even had a good time going down the slide.
There were lots of laughs as mommy and daddy zoomed down the slide and tried to gracefully land upright at the end.  
Lil Miss enjoyed her very first push up this weekend thanks to daddy and his love of sweets!  
Overall, it was a very lowkey weekend.  We didn't leave the campground the whole time and just had fun playing games.  The older kids are getting pretty good at dominoes.  It also helps with their math skills.  ;-)
We are consistently worried about the weather on our camping trips.  
So far this year, we haven't left for a campground without worries of rain.  
This weekend was no exception. It was supposed to start raining on Friday night and had the possibility of thunderstorms all day on Saturday.  It ended up being beautiful and we only had a small shower here and there.  We lucked out once again.  The sunset on Saturday night...  beautiful.   
I had told the kids to be really quiet when they woke up on Sunday morning as to not wake daddy.  
The kids idea was to make him breakfast in bed.  
They helped make the toast and fill his coffee cup and stand watch so daddy stayed sleeping and didn't come out of his room.  
Unfortunately daddy doesn't like crumbs in his bed, so he ate it out on the table with us, but it is the thought that counts.  LOL  

It was a great weekend. 
Of course, a day doesn't go by that I don't think about my own father.  
It's the little things that remind me of him. 
On Saturday, when Nate got out the baseball gloves to play pitch and catch he threw me a glove and as I put it on my hand I see my dad's name.  It was my dad's.  
What a blessed sign from him, to know that he is still there with me.  
Happy Father's Day Dad. 
Miss ya. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Morning light

Yesterday was so much fun!
The girls and I had a little photo shoot with some of the
dresses I have made lately.  Rosie was my
photography assistant helping me hold my camera, making the girls smile, and
taking photos with my iPhone.   Her dresses are still being finished so the next photo shoot she wants to be a model too!  We had a dance party in my bathroom while we did hair.  Lil Miss sat so good while I did little curls in her thick hair.  It was so cute!  To bad that by noon her hair was flat again because of the humidity.
{This one is my favorite!}


This girl is a little poser.
She was telling me what to do.  "Mom, take a photo of me with my hand on my hip!"
"Mom, I think these flowers would be pretty in a picture."
"Mom, don't lay on the ground there is dog poop!"

Just a few of the pics we took. 
Hope you enjoy their smiles as much as I do. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Lovin

Got to love summer. 
We are a few weeks into summer and ticking things off our summer bucket list as we go. 
The weather has been somewhat disappointing so we haven't spent much time in the water, but we have kept busy discovering other things to do.
 I have enjoyed watching all the things bloom and grow in my garden and landscaping. 
It's not perfect, but what I have been able to add to the landscaping the last couple years has really blossomed.  Love!!  
The kids are enjoying finding all the flowers in the garden too! 
This little girl collects all my pretty flowers and brings them inside to put in a glass of water.
I constantly have flowers wilting on the kitchen counter.    
This past week the kids and I headed to Ohio for a few days. 
Nate was in Germany, so we planned for his flight to go into Ohio so he could visit too!
It worked out perfectly.
Lots of cousin time is always a must when in Ohio. 
There is always sadness when we have to leave the cousins saying see you the next time. 
We made it to Ohio just in time for my nephew Lincoln's birthday. 
He turned the big 4!
The kids had a blast eating birthday cake, watching wrapping paper fly, and playing with all the new fun toys.  Thanks aunt Kathy for the toy swords! 
Bubba practiced his driving in the boy's new hot wheels.
As if we didn't have enough birthday cake, Friday night we celebrated Miss Miley's first birthday since we were in town.  Miley is Nate's goddaughter and I had a good time spoiling her. 
I made her a playhouse that fits over a card table.  I had lots of help from the kids.

I hope Miley likes it.  
I made it all pink in hopes that the boys wouldn't monopolize the playhouse.  Apparently that doesn't stop them.  It looked like to much fun!  
Play envelopes to put in the mailbox.


 Miley loved her birthday cake!! 
{Nate's Dad and his Uncles}
On Saturday we attended a wedding for one of Nate's cousins. 
It was great to see his side of the family since the only time we do is at Christmas. 
Bubba was a real showstopper on the dance floor.  At one point there was a large circle around him watching him dance.  Nate had to deflate his head before getting in the van that night.  "Dad, everyone was watching me because I am such a good dancer!"   

{Lil Miss and Miss Miley}
{Me and Miley}
Surprise ... Nate and I actually got a picture with one another.  Shocking!
It was a fun, busy weekend. 
I was definitely a little depressed having to leave Sunday morning. 
Ohio will always be home.   Just have to keep busy for three weeks before we see the family again in Tennessee.   I guess boy scout camp, baseball games, basketball camp, and girl scout camp will keep us busy.  Not to mention going camping on the weekend. 
We are using every minute of the summer to our advantage!