Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strawberry Fields

As a mother, there are certain things I have always dreamed about doing with my kids. 
During the years we were trying so desperately to have kids, I would daydream about doing things like taking my kids to the beach, or picking pumpkins. 
A bucket list of sorts, with activities I envisioned doing with my kids someday. 
My list included: 
Taking the kids to Disney world. (I can check that off my list, except Lil Miss didn't go so we are going to have to go back again!)
Watching the kids splash in the Ocean for the first time. 
Seeing the landscape of Yellowstone. 
Sharing an ice cream cone. (we have checked this off more times than I can count) 
And picking strawberries in a strawberry field. 
Today, we checked this one off of my imaginary list. 
Picture Perfect!   
 The kids were great strawberry pickers.  Lil Miss enjoyed picking them off the plant and then contemplating whether to put it in her basket or her mouth.  
My little farmers.  
Proud of their loot.  

Lil Miss's basket is filled with half eaten strawberries she was keeping for later.  
LATER -- mommy found them.  LOL  
Oh they couldn't wait to get home to eat more.  
For lunch we had strawberry milkshakes and for supper we made a fresh strawberry pie.  
I let the kids browse the strawberry section on pinterest and they have come up with a few new recipes to try.  Their mouths were watering looking at all the yummy strawberry desserts. 
We ended up with 8.5 lbs of strawberries. 
I am interested how long they will last.  
Any bets? 
So many years I would think about picking strawberries, but I was either too late or couldn't find a place close enough to us.  This year I was so happy to finally do this.  Its going to become a yearly tradition.  As perfect as it was in my dreams.... it doesn't always work out like that.  Any activity my kids can eat while doing it, is a winner to my kids!  

What are some of the activities you dream of doing with your children? 

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