Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Celebrating Daddy

I am so blessed. 
So blessed to have chosen the most amazing man to be a father to our children.  
Over the last 4 years, I have gotten a front seat view on how this man has developed into an exceptional father right before my eyes.  There is no better example of this than last night. 
We were all at Bubba's baseball game last night and it never fails somewhere in the middle of the game Bubba needs to go to the bathroom.  I wait outside the bathroom for the "mom, I need help" that always comes in adjusting all of his gear just right.  He is very particular.  His shirt has to be tucked in just right, and he is always concerned that his number is completely showing on the back of his shirt.  
As we are walking back to the dugout holding hands (yes he still holds my hand!), he turns to me and says "tell dad thanks for helping me learn how to hit the ball".  Right before we left for the game, Nate directly home from work in his dress clothes, was out pitching tennis balls to a nervous Bubba to help with his swing.  (he had been in a slump of hitting because he has been trying too hard and doesn't know how to line up at home plate)
So when Bubba hit his first hit that night, there was no one cheering louder than his Daddy right beside me, and our little boy went 3 for 3 last night! 
So instead of just having one day to celebrate daddy, we made it a whole weekend.  
We surprised him with a few small gifts throughout the weekend.  (mostly candy)
We let dad choose the activities and tried to let him relax as much as possible. 
(his ideal activity!!!) 
We camped at a local KOA campground with a pool.  
Bubba had a baseball game on Friday night and we have found we don't have to go far to get away.
We enjoyed the pool, even though it was really cold when you first got in.  
This girl was giving the camera smooches.  
One of the best things for the kids while camping, is the playground.  They liked the seesaws (which you don't see alot of anymore) and loved the tall metal slide which makes you go really fast.  
Mommy and Daddy even had a good time going down the slide.
There were lots of laughs as mommy and daddy zoomed down the slide and tried to gracefully land upright at the end.  
Lil Miss enjoyed her very first push up this weekend thanks to daddy and his love of sweets!  
Overall, it was a very lowkey weekend.  We didn't leave the campground the whole time and just had fun playing games.  The older kids are getting pretty good at dominoes.  It also helps with their math skills.  ;-)
We are consistently worried about the weather on our camping trips.  
So far this year, we haven't left for a campground without worries of rain.  
This weekend was no exception. It was supposed to start raining on Friday night and had the possibility of thunderstorms all day on Saturday.  It ended up being beautiful and we only had a small shower here and there.  We lucked out once again.  The sunset on Saturday night...  beautiful.   
I had told the kids to be really quiet when they woke up on Sunday morning as to not wake daddy.  
The kids idea was to make him breakfast in bed.  
They helped make the toast and fill his coffee cup and stand watch so daddy stayed sleeping and didn't come out of his room.  
Unfortunately daddy doesn't like crumbs in his bed, so he ate it out on the table with us, but it is the thought that counts.  LOL  

It was a great weekend. 
Of course, a day doesn't go by that I don't think about my own father.  
It's the little things that remind me of him. 
On Saturday, when Nate got out the baseball gloves to play pitch and catch he threw me a glove and as I put it on my hand I see my dad's name.  It was my dad's.  
What a blessed sign from him, to know that he is still there with me.  
Happy Father's Day Dad. 
Miss ya. 

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