Monday, March 2, 2015

Dear Man Who Called My Son Ray Lewis

Dear Man who Called My Son Ray Lewis:
Sir, I was furious as I listened to your name calling and shouting at my son's basketball game Saturday. It was an intense basketball game, that had both teams fighting until the buzzer, after the last second of the SECOND overtime. I listened to you throughout the whole game from 5 seats over shout with your buddies that the Refs calls were wrong, that we were intentional fouling, and that our kids play dirty.
These kids are 8 - 9 year old boys.
They in no way are perfect.
But in no way are they intentionally trying to foul.
They are learning.
Both of the teams were fouling if you didn't notice.
When my kid got his second foul and you shouted "take Ray Lewis out" it infuriated me.  My hands
were shaking as I typed a text to my husband across the court telling him what you were saying.  And maybe you said it for no one to hear.  (Then you need to work on your whispering)
But my daughter then asked "who is Ray Lewis?"
She then asked if she could cheer really loud for her brother out there to drown you out.
(proud momma moment right there!)
I also don't know if you meant it to be malicious.  Maybe it was a compliment.
I am just informing you that the boys you are shouting to on the court are young ball players.
All of the boys, yours and ours.
Yes, my son fouls.
He likes to go for the ball and when he is sloppy he fouls.  We talk to him regularly about this and he is learning.  All the boys are.  But for you to shout mean things from 10 feet away at my son on the court is not okay.
We need to be encouraging to these boys.  They are not playing in the NCAA championship or the NBA AllStar Game.  They are playing a Saturday afternoon game in third grade.
I just want you to go to the next game and cheer.  Cheer for your team.  Encourage the boys to put their hands up or get back on defense.  But keep the negative comments and name calling out.
My husband went up to you after the game and talked to you about your comments.  I am very proud of him for doing that and sticking up for our son and trying to get you to change your behavior in the future.  I just hope you read this and know all the kids out there are someone's kid, just maybe the family sitting beside you and I wouldn't shout mean things to your son out there.  SO don't do it to mine.

Rant Over.
Spread love not hate.

Mama Bear

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