Friday, March 13, 2015

Mommy SOS

This week I have been lucky enough to have my mom come and visit. 
I don't know if it was the winter weather, the constant onslaught of 
activities for 4 children, or just me but I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. 
My mom saw the bat signal I was lighting up 
and came to my rescue. 

 It is always fun to have Grandma Judy here. 
She has helped be an extra set of hands and my laundry has never been 
this caught up!  The kids LOVE having Grandma Judy here.
 While she was here she was able to see Rosie perform in 
an orchestra concert, Bubba's last basketball tournament for the year, 
Gigi and Bubba's acts in the talent show, and see Lil Miss 
dance her heart out in dance class. 
 Grandma also was able to volunteer in Lil Miss' preschool 
class on Monday and my little girl couldn't have been happier to 
have Grandma Judy there!
 For a treat for my mom, we went out eagle watching. 
I was so excited because we saw over a dozen eagles 
on our trip to the Mississippi River shore. 

 My beautiful mom.

 Grandma Judy brought along spring with her when she flew out to Iowa. 
The weather has been warming up since last Thursday.  
The snow is almost all melted and the birds are chirping all in full force. 

This weekend my Mom was a big help while Nate and I attended a fundraiser and 
she took two of the kids to their talent show.  
 Gigi performed a Raas dance with three of her friends. 
 And Bubba danced to the Superbowl Shuffle with his buddies. 
Even though we couldn't be there to see them perform, I was glad 
Grandma was there to cheer them on. 
Nate and I got a night out. 
It was wonderful.  I had my hair and makeup done so I felt 
pretty as a princess! 
 Bubba especially enjoyed his momma all dolled up with lipstick!
 What is better than going out with the hubby AND supporting a good cause?
Pretty much nothing.
We attended the Gigi's Playhouse Gala, which supports programs to help 
children with Down Syndrome.  Of course my mascara ran as families 
told their beautiful stories. 
It was a good reminder of hope and love.
 So we are grateful that Grandma Judy saw our SOS and came out to help. 
I couldn't ask for a better mother. 
After a week with her here, I feel like such a better mom just following her example. 
Spring is here! 

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