Friday, March 27, 2015

In the East Wing

What house was the biggest house in the United States until the Civil War?
The White House.
With names like the "President's Palace", "President's House", and the "Executive Mansion" 
this house is certainly one to see. 
We had our fingers crossed whether of not we would get into the White House. 
You do not hear until 2 weeks before your stated date whether you will get a visit or not. 
Rosie was ecstatic when she heard the news. 
There is unfortunately no photography in the White House.  
You can't even take a camera in, or a purse, or a bag.  
All you can take in is a wallet, cell phone (which can't be used) and 
an umbrella.  I guess for instances of bad weather. 
So I kept my phone in my pocket through the whole tour afraid the many 
Secret Service members wouldn't be so kind if I tried to snap a pic of the Red Room. 
For all the security procedures and waiting in line, the tour is relatively short.
But to say you've been IN the White House.... priceless.
We stopped at the White House Visitors Center to get another stamp in our 
National Park passports and got a surprise when they said the kids could become 
Junior Park Rangers. 
The kids were all about that, and quickly did the activities to get a badge. 
My son used this badge to engage in conversation with every police officer he saw the rest of the day. 
After a delicious breakfast at Lincoln's Waffle House, we headed to
the Smithsonians.  There are many Smithsonian museums. 
We stepped into 3. 
The Castle, the Air and Space, and the American History Museum.
Everyone says you must see the Air and Space Museum.
We agree.  It is pretty hard to top. 

Rosie wrote a book report about Amelia Earhart last year, and 
was excited to see her plane in all its red glory.
Future President of the United States
The American History Museum houses all of the First Lady's Inaugural dresses, and 
special memorabilia such as Dorothy's ruby red slippers. 

DC was pretty fun.  
We all had our favorite parts, but the best was all being together. 

We left DC just as the snow was coming down. 
As pretty as it was, we were all glad we were spared from 
walking around DC in the cold. 
It is nice to be home.
But the memories we will have forever. 

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