Thursday, July 23, 2015

a crowded camper is better than an empty castle

I am still scratching my bug bites from this weekend's camping trip. 
We spent 6 days in the camper enjoying 3 days in Michigan and 3 days in Indiana. 
Although there was an infestation of mosquitos everywhere, we enjoyed every minute.
We met all of the Hubby's family in Michigan on Marble Lake. 
The kids had lots of cousins and friends to play with and spent every ounce of 
energy out on the water. 
The Hubs actually posed in a pic for me. 
We appreciate all the time getting to know our future Aunt Ashley #2 better. 
(Me between the 2 Ashleys)
We haven't quite figured out how we are going to tell the two apart yet, except for saying #1 or #2. 
But we are working on nicknames.
Gigi is pretty much love struck when her Uncle Neil is around.
The ice cream sandwiches at after every meal helps.  
AND these two.... don't let their smiles fool you.... they are trouble! 
To extend our vacation a little bit longer this year, we spent the early part of this week camping with my in-laws in the beautiful Pokagon State Park in Indiana.  
The park was loaded with trails, bike paths, playgrounds, Nature Center, and a public beach.  
It is one of the nicest campgrounds we have stayed in. 

{Lightning Bug catching}

Grandma and Grandpa and a slew of the grandkids. 
 As hard as it is to grow up as an Aunt and Uncle who live farther away the 
nieces and nephews don't know us as well... time together means so much more.  
By day 5, Nate finally had Miley warmed up to him. 
 When we drove into Pokagon we saw that they had horse stables.  Hubby knows 
my love for horseback riding (which I do as often as I can which is like once every 10 years, LOL) 
So he splurged and let the kids and I go on a trail ride.  
Lil Miss got to enjoy a small pony ride and she was smitten with Roxy the Horse.  
We are now drawing pictures for Roxy everyday and putting them in envelopes in hopes to send to her.  Let's hope the horse likes getting mail.
The kids and I rode 45 minutes on Roxy, Fred, Chauncy, and Whiskey. 
Mommy was on Whiskey, the slow horse, who liked to go off path and eat the tall grass. 
The kids found this all too funny.  

I keep telling Hubby we should sell the house and move into the camper. 
Because we could do it. 
Yes, I would desperately miss my long hot showers and my washer and dryer, 
but camping suits us. 
When I get home and have to sweep our house and clean all 4 bathrooms, I think 
the camper is soooo much easier to clean. 
But he sadly informs me of Iowa winters (Brrrrrr) and we will save the camping for 
extended weekends from Spring til Fall.   
He also informs me that if we were to move all 6 of us and 2 dogs and "our stuff" into the camper, 
I would not find it fun anymore.  Agreed.