Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another one bites the dust

It just takes Nate getting into an airplane for everything to break.
It never fails.
He can always plan on a panic call from me with some devastating news that
something has broken.
This time it was the computer.
I drop Nate off at the airport and an hour later I am sitting at the computer when
it starts making a very high pitch noise that signals its doom.
So there goes any idea of blogging all week.
You missed me I know!
I have a blog for today for sew'd it Saturday and another one of how great
Parenthood the TV show is with their adoption storyline and one started for
my next pinterest project  I have done.
But instead I am recording a video of the hideous sound my computer is making
and sending it to Nate as a subtle hint that something is wrong.
Very Very Wrong.
So all week I sat here staring at my broken computer with no excuse NOT to
fold all the laundry, mop the kitchen floor, finish the landscaping, and so many other things.
I was productive, but I didn't get to do any writing. :-(
Now that Nate has temporarily fixed the computer just for me to get
the important things off of it, I am racing through and getting everything off of importance.
All my photos, videos, important papers..... I am getting them off which is a huge relief.
Much better than thinking I lost everything! 
The temporary band aid is holding up through this quick blog as well. Yeah!!  
I cannot load any pictures onto the blog without my computer crashing and
sending out an SOS signal.
So now I am sending my husband to the worse store ever (worse than a candy
store for him) -- Best Buy.
I will hopefully be back up and running soon.
Don't miss me too much.

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