Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{Tried it Tuesday} -- Chalkboard

So while I was home over Labor Day weekend I did a little shopping in
my mom's closets.  With my mom's permission of course.
I found two older frames that were just what I have been looking for
to paint for Rosie's room. 
This particular frame was perfect for the chalkboard I wanted to do.
This frame reminds me of Mr. Rogers. 
For some reason I remember Mr. Rogers talking and then the camera panning to a picture frame which would play video.
Am I crazy?
Or does anyone else remember the infamous picture frame?
{Won't you be my neighbor?}
This project included some of my trusty favorite craft objects.
Spray Paint.
Chalkboard paint and Yellow.
I first took the picture out of the frame which a picture of my little sister when she was about 5.
Mom wanted that picture back.
Then I got to work spray painting the plexiglass with chalkboard paint
and the frame with a fun yellow color.
The frame had plexiglass already in it instead of glass so that is what I painted with the chalkboard paint and it worked really well.
{the finished result}
For only the cost of paint, which I already had in the garage, I had a
perfect chalkboard for Rosie's collage wall.
 {Lil Miss thought it was hers}
I wrote a special message to my daughter and hung it on her wall.
The collage wall is finally up. 
I have a few more projects to blog about but here is a sneak preview of it.
Lots of Color!!! 
I want to move into her room.
It's so cheerful.
My roommate would say this is too girly and our bedroom already has flowers in it. 
My Goodness!!!
So while Rosie's at school I will have to lay on her bed and read a book to enjoy it.
During all my spare time!!! 

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  1. Looks cute! Make you sure you condition that chalkboard paint.