Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Tried it Tuesday} -- School Papers Display

The kids bring home papers from school everyday.
What to do with all those school papers?

The math sheets, art projects and constant stream of papers come in the door and plop on my kitchen island after school until I have a huge pile on the island which is ready to teeter over. 

I have a system. 
The papers I want to keep go in a file in the office, cataloged under each of their names. 

 Then when that gets full, I go through them again and pick out 1/2 and stick them
in their school boxes down stairs.  They each have a folder for each year of school and a folder for preschool.  I imagine them all grown up going through their artwork when they were in grade school and thanking their mother for keeping some of their best work.
I dream big! 
Rosie always gets upset if she sees any of her papers in the trash, so when I purge their
school papers I either have to stuff them way way down in the trash can or put alot of things on top like junk mail.  The only problem is that I really don't have a place to
show off their incredible math scores or gallery worthy drawings.
They get put in folders but not displayed.
I saw an awesome idea on pinterest, but was so sad when I realized my refrigerator front isn't magnetic.  I could have taped the frames on or used that amazing blue tacky stuff, but then I have to use my knuckles to clean that stuff of our fridge front.
From pinterest  via www.positivelysplendid.com
So instead I used this picture as a starting point for an idea. 
Yes, an idea.  Nate hates when I have ideas!!
I started with my materials... all of which I had in my craft closet.   
Clothes Pins
Super Glue
Pattern Paper
I attached the tacks to the back of the clothes pins with the super glue.
The hard part was done!
I then used my cricket to cut out the kids initials and a cute little background.
I glued these to the front of the clothes pins.
In 15 minutes I was done.  That was all there was to it.'
I then just pushed them into the wall.
I am an eyeballer so I just pushed the tack in the wall.
So far they have stayed in there and only created a tiny hole.
I can live with that.
Instead of creating a gallery for the kids art work on the refrigerator, I used an unused space of wall relestate.  Each of the kids had their own clip and they each got their current work on display. 
My refrigerator stays clean... except for finger prints and the kids can smile and show off their
self portraits or current math tests.
 Not exactly an idea straight from pinterest, but pinterest started the ball rolling.  Maybe my
project will now be someone else's idea for their house. 
You never know.
The kids walked in the door after I had put up the finished project and were ecstatic to see their
work up on the wall.
Score Mommy!! 
Another pinterest project complete.

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