Sunday, November 23, 2014

Let's Go Glamping

Last weekend we celebrated Rosie's birthday with her friends.  
This party was thrown together in 4 days because bad mommy, me, didn't look 
at the calender and see we had no free weekend nights for a while.  
Our daily calender is not for the faint of heart.  
A free night with no place to be is something to be celebrated.
Our girl wanted a camping party. 
I was happy to oblige.  I love party planning. 
With little time and wanting to keep this low budget we pulled our tent out, some 
christmas lights, and a few glitter stars turning our living room into a camping dream.
 I found another use for my gigantic chalk board.
I seriously love this thing.
We also put up a "No Boys Allowed" sign.  
 We hung the stars from the ceiling fan and waited for her friends to come. 
Oh the excitement. 
The squealing could be heard blocks away when the girls walked in the door.
 The night was filled with games, crafts, and eating. 
Instead of a cake, Rosie wanted smores.  
They ended up making smores over sterno flame in the kitchen. 
(supervised of course!)
There were a lot of burnt marshmallows because no one had the patience to 
carefully cook their smore correctly, but they were shoved in their mouths with joy anyways. 
To the end the night, they watched the best camping movie ever... Parent Trap. 
There were lots of naps the next day. 
But one little almost ten year old was full of smiles. 
Friends, sugar, and laughter will do that. 

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