Saturday, November 29, 2014

2 Digit Birthday

She's 10 today. 
I cannot believe it.  
This little girl has matured into a beautiful young lady before my very eyes.  
She is sweet and loving. 
She is full of smiles or full of frowns... there is no in between. 
The smile is infectious though. 
She is a innocent girl who had to grow up really fast to take care of her brothers and sisters. 
Her protection over them is fierce.  
It took a long time for her to accept me as her mom. 
We both had to learn how to be mom and daughter. 
It was a tough road, but when the words "mommy" came out of her little mouth it was 
not taken lightly.  I cried tears of joy. 
You are my Miss Independent, my "I can do it myself" child, but you can count on your mommy 
always having your back and being there if you ever need me. 
  Sometimes I may scold you, some days I may get mad.  
But no matter how I may act, I will NEVER stop loving you. 
You are my princess.
 Happy 10th Birthday Rosie Posie!! 
I love you to the moon and back. 

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