Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's a Wonderful Life

So yesterday was my son's birthday.
He turned 9.  I am in denial, because every time I look at him I see this boy... 
my three year old, full of energy, happiest laugh ever boy.
But my mommy vision makes me blind to how much he has grown up. 
That smile hasn't changed though! 
 Since we have three birthdays in the family between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the holidays 
seem to be extra chaotic.  Bubba thinks his birthday is the BEST because St. Nick arrives with presents
in the morning and he opens birthday gifts in the afternoon.  
Pretty special. 
When I asked Bubba what he wanted to do for his birthday his response was "play Xbox all day."
Oh how this made me cringe.  I even apologized to the boy's mothers who came over for the sleepover 
that their child may be playing a lot of video games. 
I did have to add my touches though, a basketball court on the floor and a chalkboard scoreboard.
My boy is not a cake lover.  I can't tell you how many birthday parties where he has declined cake.  
I learned early on that getting him a cake is not a treat for him. 
We've done ice cream, cookie cakes, and even sugar cookies.
This year I had my friend make basketball cookies and check out these Air Jordans.  
Coolest cookies ever!  
Bubba played his last basketball game for the month yesterday and birthday boy had a great game.  
 I whipped my phone out of my pocket really quick to snap this photo of his breakaway layup.  
And yes he made the shot. 

Birthday boy is sleeping now catching up on not much sleep last night.  
As I look at him all cuddled with the puppy on the couch I still see a little boy and can't believe he is 9. 
Bubba's birthday also means that my birthday is next, a harsh reality that mommy is getting older too. 
All in all, It's a Wonderful Life! 

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  1. Happy birthday!! I am so glad someone else celebrates St. Nicks day too!!!