Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy December

It's my favorite time of the year! 
We are well into December and the Holiday fun has begun. 
Our Christmas Cards are on their way to our friend's and family's homes, 
the Advent calendar is up and the kids are reading off each days fun activity, and 
Tiki the elf has made an appearance once again! 
{our advent countdown}
Tiki has been at it again, popping up everywhere in the house. 
Some days he even makes quite a mess. 
{Tiki apparently likes to play Fruit Ninja when we are asleep!} 
The Christmas decorations are all up and we have been enjoying the 
Christmas light glow at night.  We have old and new decorations. 
We added a few new ornaments this year to our tree, my favorite being this little 
camper which is a reminder of our "Home away from Home".
 This tree is new too! 
This is a replica of my Grandma Aggie's Christmas tree that she always had lit up on her
stereo cabinet, we all got one last year and what a great reminder of her it is!  
The making of Christmas gifts are well under way. 
Gigi's new skill of knitting, has her making wonderfully warm gifts for everyone on her list. 
I've got quite the pile of unfinished Christmas gifts that I've been working on too, it's a good thing 
that I have 11 more days left. 
December also means giving to others who are less fortunate. 
One of my favorite things to do with the kids is pick out gifts for toys for tots and 
our Angel Tree recipients.  
Taking the kids to the store and telling them to get gifts for other children who might not have 
any toys or aren't as lucky as they are creates some absolutely wonderful conversations about 
giving and how it is so important to help others.  

When asked during an interview what is the one trait from your parents that you would like to 
pass onto your children?  My answer without hesitation was the love of giving to others. 
My parents couldn't have been more generous in their giving and I only hope that 
I am as good of example to my kids that my parents were to Nate and I.
 My son's favorite thing about the holidays is the dressing up.  
Yes, you read that son. 
He couldn't wait to get his suit out this week for the school's Christmas program. 
The kids looked so amazing all dressed up in their Christmas outfits on Friday. 
I did learn that I need to do a little shopping before Christmas for dress shoes that fit, longer dress shirt, and 
a pair of tights with no holes.  

But the important thing is from these pictures you can't see any of those things.  
Just the smile on their faces! 
I hope you are enjoying the Holidays as much as we are. 
Happy December! 

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