Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Uncle Neil Gets Married

We are completely unpacked from our weekend in Charleston. 
The bad news is that the clothes came out of the dryer and 
straight into our bags for our Thanksgiving travels to Ohio. 

We traveled to Charleston to be apart of Uncle Neil's wedding. 
It couldn't have been more beautiful.
 Lil Miss was excited for her first airplane ride. 
She giggled through the first flight. 
She even asked if she could have a plane ride for her 6th birthday! 
The wedding festivities started right away. 
We enjoyed every minute of celebrating with family. 
 Of course the scenery was amazing too,
the palm trees, weather, and smells of the beach.
 The kids had their first experience at the ocean.
We had come straight from the wedding rehearsal, so 
we were all in dress clothes but that didn't 
stop us from getting in. 
In fact, Lil Miss and Bubba were wet from head to toe!
 The kids loved the water and the waves. 
We stood in the water and felt the current steal the sand from underneath our feet. 
We have sea shells in our pockets and took some hitch hiking sand with us back to Iowa. 
 We didn't get by unscathed though....
Lil Miss woke up the day of the wedding with a 
bug bite that had swollen her eye shut. 
It didn't look pretty but she pulled off the puffy eye look like a pro.
(Our trip included 3 trips to the 24 hour pharmacy -- allergy medicine, benadryl, and children's motrin)  My kids outdoor allergies lit up while in South Carolina.
 {Aunt Ashley (#1), Mother of the Groom aka. my Mother-in-law, and Me}
 {The Bride and Her Junior Bridesmaid}
Gigi was overjoyed to be a Junior Bridesmaid. 
She loves her Uncle Neil and couldn't have been happier to spend extra 
time with Ashley. 
 The girls got pampered and the boys played some golf. 
Could the weather been any more perfect for a wedding?

My daughter looked amazing coming down the aisle. 
That smile.
I have to note that she walks better in heels than I do.
{the Junior Bridesmaid and Junior Groomsman}
{Mr. and Mrs. Schulte}
{Nate with his parents and brothers}
{Nate and His Dad}
We all had fun on the dance floor. 
The booty shaking fast dances and the slow dances.
The nieces and nephews all had fun dancing with their Aunt Ashely (#2).
We had to drag most of them off the dance floor at the end of the night. 
Bubba showed everyone his new dance moves. 
At one point he even did his front handspring.
I don't even know where he comes up with these moves, but he was definitely 
fun to watch as he moved to the beat.  
I had to fight my way to get a mother/son slow dance with him.
Lil Miss and Daddy found the sugar, no surprise. 
Smores out by the fire pit. 
The celebration for Neil and Ashley couldn't have been more perfect. 
We clean up nice, don't we?
 Our family took an extra day in Charleston to sight see. 
The only thing on Mommy's must do list was seafood. 
Daddy wanted to tour the USS Yorktown at Patriot's Point 
I took this tour about 20 years ago with my parents on a visit to Charleston. 
It's always surreal that I get to enjoy in these same things with my kids.
Before we knew it, we were packing up to go home. 
I made the kids were lots of layers because the weather in Iowa was 50 colder at home.
It was a shock to our system.
Our flights home went smoothly. 
We only had a 45 minute layover in Atlanta and there was 
a little panic, but running from gate to gate... we made it. 
At one point, Gigi was holding on my hand running with all her might 
and said it was like a scene right out of Home Alone. 
Then she held on tighter and told me not to leave her in the airport. 
 AND this is what we came home to. 
9" of snow. 
The kids didn't wait 15 minutes go play in the snow. 
Straight from the beach to the snow. 

Congratulations Uncle Neil and Aunt Ashley! 
We love you and couldn't be happier for you two. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lil Miss

Being 5.  
She has got it down. 
This week alone she started to ride her bike all by herself. 
Miss Independent. 

{A little girl and her lambie}
I love capturing at this moment. 
Our Lil Miss.