Friday, August 31, 2012

Just the two of us

The house is so quiet right now.
Baby is sleeping, dogs are taking a nap, and the only noise is the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard and a jet passing over head.
This summer I don't think I could have heard a plane flying over head, it was a little noisy. 
But I think I liked it better that way, now it is TOO quiet.
It's just me and Lil Miss.
My days are so free!!
Some days we don't even go anywhere we just drop the kids off at school and then look at each other like -- "well now what?"
If you know me well you know I don't do well with doing nothing.
I have to have plans and daily tasks and a schedule.
But there are some good things about having not alot to do during the week.

I get to enjoy my coffee before it is cold and even have taken Lil Miss to a few garage sales.
We have taken walks and bike rides and have gone to the playground a few times.
But we both miss the other kids.
Mommy isn't as much fun playing on the see saw and her sister
Rosie pushes her higher in the swing than mommy does.

Lil Miss gets to have play dates with the puppies.
I am not sure the dogs are that happy about that.
They tolerate her teasing and playing peek a boo with the blanket. 
I have been teaching her to be nice and to pet nicely not bop them on the head like she used to.

She has had alot more time coloring and chalking and storytime.
She really enjoys that.
But she quickly tires and moves onto something new.
But the best part of all is the snuggles.
We have our snuggle time right before nap.
My favorite time of the day!
We are adjusting to this new normal during the week and both of us have had
to make some adjustments.  She has to learn to talk more and mommy has to give up the remote for Elmo.   Compromise.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scouts Honor

We've started a new adventure this week. 
The adventure of Cub Scouts.
It's a tradition in the Schulte household.
{Bubba's Godfather Jeff in Cub Scouts}
Nate and his three brothers are all Eagle Scouts.
I learned the hard way not to show ANY pictures of Nate in his uniform apparently it
hurts his "cool" persona.
I do have some pictures of him in his eagle dance outfit (think feathers and moccasins).
Maybe that isn't off limits.  wink wink
Don't laugh Uncle Dale and Uncle Neil.... I have photos of you two too and ain't afraid to use them.
I got out of my comfort zone walking into the Boy Scout Store getting his uniform. 
As much as I love the outdoors and I find digging in my front yard calming, I am still a "City" girl compared to Nate's family.  The first time I went to go meet his parents officially, there was a
deer carcass hanging from their basketball pole. 
True story.
I have picked up Rosie's Girl Scout stuff before but all she wears is a vest. 
I am clueless on the whole boy scout uniform and would
have probley put Bubba's scarf on backwards if I had to guess. 
There are so many rules and under Nate's watchful gaze
proper ways to wear the uniform.
Nate showed me all the tricks of scouting while getting Bubba
ready for his first Den meeting Monday night.
Bubba was excited. 
I am not sure he even knew what he was going to do there, he was just excited to do something new.
 When they walked into the house after the meeting that night, he had a smile from ear to ear. 
"That was the BEST night ever!!"
He proceeded to tell me all about how they made root beer with dry ice and how they learned all about selling popcorn.  By the way, he will be asking all of you if you want to buy some soon!!  :-)
He went to bed dreaming about getting the skateboarding patch and of having camp outs with his dad.
This momma is so proud.
Nate has realistic expectations that he probley won't go all the way to eagle scout if he continues to love sports and do as much of that as he can.  He has an amazing athletic ability, which he obviously gets from me.  LOL  But there is no telling how much he will like scouting. 
Uncle Jeff played baseball and soccer and still made the rank of Eagle Scout.
I will encourage his scouting as long as he loves it. 
He can't wait to learn how to use a compass or a pocket knife.
This momma hopes it is a long time before he uses a pocket knife.
You have to love the Boy Scout Law though...
A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful,
friendly, courteous, kind,
obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean, and
Doesn't every mother what those traits in their son?
And I love the motto that the scouts live by. 
Be Prepared.
Who is more prepared than this momma?
Not many.
So we venture off into the world of Boy Scouts. 
Patches, codes, and special handshakes. 
I can't wait for all the boy bonding.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Tried it Tuesday}-- Paint Chip Art

I am a pinterest addict.
It is just fodder for my crafty mind which is always at work.
My husband would like to block it from my phone/computer
because it only causes him headaches. 
The new recipes are great... he just doesn't like all the new projects.
I decided that I need motivation to do more of the projects that I pin. (Nate cover your ears)
I have almost 1400 ideas pinned and some of them I've done but there are so many more to do!!
What's a girl to do?
I need to create a board for "Pins I've Done".
But I wanted to take it one stop farther and make myself a challenge. 
So every Tuesday I am going to post a {Tried it Tuesday}. 
I will document my pinning projects.
Some may look awesome, some may be utter failures. 
That's how it goes.
I promise to do some recipes too.  If I get really motivated and see that I have plenty of time to get my laundry done and do 2 projects a week then I will possibly incorporate recipes a different day of the week.  We will see how it goes. I may just take naps everyday and not get anything done.
Sounds tempting.

This weeks pinned project started during a normal day running errands.
While I was at Lowe's last week, I swung by the paint aisle.  I was
there for a reason -- trying to find a good shade of brown to paint our
exterior doors. Lil Miss was having a good time holding my paint chips and I grabbed
her a few colors of the rainbow. 
THEN a picture of all the pins I saw on pinterest with paint chips popped into my head.
I started grabbing a few of each color.  Feeling slightly guilty that I was grabbing so many paint chips I also threw in some painters tape and some super glue.  Just because.
I already had some foam board at home so then I started brainstorming to what I can create with
the paint chips I brought home. 
I can't lie, I have so many ideas that this might not be my last project with them.

 I did cut down the squares to eliminate the color names on the chips.
I started laying them on the board in ROY G. BIV order. 
For those of you who don't remember art class that is
I am a little neurotic with that.  My closet is even in ROY G. BIV order.  Seriously.
I find when I put the toys away I tend to put them in color order. 
Blocks, Legos, crayons, they all fall victim to my rainbow order system.
So when I started messing with the paint chips
this is what came about....
Now I hadn't yet, cut the board down and added some final touches... but I was liking it.
This was the pin that sparked this project
from pinterest
I then wanted to add something special for the girl's who room I planned to put it in. 
I had originally planned to put it in the little girl's room, but it turned out much brighter than I expected.  Rosie came home from school and saw it sitting on the front table like this, and wanted to know immediately what it was for.  I told her we were going to spruce up her room and
put it on her wall.  She was ecstatic.
I am Happy how it turned out. 
What do you think?
It's not on Rosie's wall yet, but I am working on a few new things to
go up with it to finish the collection and then I will reveal it.
Paint Chip Art
Paint chips = Free
Foam Board = $1.27
Black Cardstock = $.99
whole project 
Not to Bad!!!

Camping with Friends

Camping with friends is so much more fun!
Yes, we slept in the great outdoors this weekend again. 
And when I say sleep in the great outdoors,
I mean we slept in A/C in the camper with a bathroom 2 feet away.
Not too bad.
The kids have so much more fun when they have someone to play
with other than their brother and sisters.
They was much less fighting. 
Lil Miss assumed her usual position while hiking. 
 All the kids plus me!
 We camped at Scott County Park which is only 20 minutes away from our house.
We had never been up there and were surprised at how BIG and how well maintained it all was.
Our tax money at work.
There are many more trails to explore and I am sure you will find us up
there again.
Maybe even this year still!
After working up a sweat hiking we decided to go to the pool.
Either we didn't work up a big enough sweat or they fill the pool with ice cubes,
but it was FREEZING.
Like teeth chattering cold.
We didn't stay long because Bubba was turning into a popsicle. 
Daddy warm me up. 
 When we got back to our "home away from home" it was just in time for naps.
Everyone but mommy got some shut eye.
Even the puppies were nice and comfortable. 
Did I tell you how nice it is to have other kids camping with us?
Of course it wouldn't be camping if we didn't wade in some poison ivy.
Can't wait until the fall and the underbrush dying back for us to do more
geocaching in the deep forest.
One of the geocaches were nestled in the middle of a forest of pine trees.
It was really cool!
I caught Gigi playing Pocahontas, it was priceless.
On Sunday morning as we were making breakfast it begun to rain. 
We finished our eggs, sausage and toast and started to pack up.
Nate and I are getting better at packing up and hooking up because it didn't take long at all and we were at home.
At noon we were all washed up and in our pajamas.
Yep, that's right, in our pajamas at noon.
Daddy insisted since it was raining we were having a pajama day and we all got cozy.
Mommy got a nap and was able to take a long hot shower.
Nate and I even enjoyed a movie while the kids played with puzzles, go fish, and Nerf wars.
It was the perfect ending to the weekend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Learning the truth

I always told Nate that when the kids asked if Santa was real, I wasn't going to lie.  Mommy would cry a little on the inside because the "magic" is gone, but I wasn't going to lie.  I lecture my kids constantly about lying and telling the truth no matter the consequences.  So I took my own advice.
Yesterday started out like this....

Rosie:  I have a tooth that's loose
Mommy:  (checking how much wiggle the tooth has)  Oh, yes you do.
That tooth won't last too long.  Go play and we will have to put it under your pillow
when it falls out.
Fast Forward an hour
Mommy:  Oh yes it did.  That didn't last long. 
Let's put it in a baggie and put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy.
Rosie:  I wonder what the tooth fairy will bring.  Maybe a toothbrush again....
Mom, are you the tooth fairy?
Mommy:  (thinking-- NO this isn't happening.  I am totally busted.)  Umm, why do you say that?
Rosie:  Because sometimes you buy tooth brushes for us.
Mommy: AND sometimes the dentist gives you tooth brushes.
Rosie:  (ever vigilant, I think she smelled fear)  Are you and dad the tooth fairy?
Mommy:  How bout we talk later okay, Rosie.
Rosie:  Okay
Fast Forward to Bedtime and all the other children are tucked in bed
Nate had reminded me that I ALWAYS said when they asked I would tell them the truth.
That was good in theory but now I had to tell them and it was kind of sad.
We went into together for moral support.
Rosie:  Okay will you tell me, are you and dad the tooth fairy?
Mommy:  Yes, we are the tooth fairy.
Rosie:  I knew it.   How do you guys know you are the tooth fairy?
Mommy and Daddy: Huh??
Rosie:  Did you guys have to google it?  Is that why you guys had to talk about it and then come talk to me?
Mommy:  (stifling giggles)  No, we didn't google it.   We just ARE the tooth fairy?  When you lost your first tooth we were the ones to put the tooth brush under your pillow.  And when you lost all your other teeth we were the ones to put the money under your pillow..
Rosie: Whoa, wait!  You guys put the money under the pillow?  When I was sleeping you... Oh MAN!!  You guys are good!  I didn't even hear you when you were moving my pillow to get to my tooth. 
Daddy:  One time you were actually holding onto the bag with the tooth and we had to pry your fingers off the bag without you waking up.  We took turns playing the tooth fairy.  But, now you are in on a very special secret.  Your brother and sisters don't know that we are the tooth fairy.
They haven't had the joy of putting their tooth under a pillow and having the tooth fairy
bring them a toothbrush or a dollar bill.
When a child first believes in a tooth fairy it is about believing in something even if you can't see it.  Just like we know God is in our hearts even if we can't see him we know he is there.
You need the power of believing.  It is the power to believe in yourself, believe in your talents, and believing that anything is possible.
It's something you can't hold in your hands but will keep your heart content.
Someday you will get to do this for your children, and you will enjoy seeing their faces when
they think the tooth fairy has been sneaking under their pillow to get their tooth.
But really it was YOU.
Imagine how much fun that will be.
Rosie:  Can I tell Bubba and Gigi?
Daddy:  No, we want to be the ones to tell them when they ask and have questions.
Can you keep a secret?
Rosie: I still get money for my teeth?
Daddy:  Sure

So the secret is out!  It's only a matter of time before she discovers the truth about the Easter Bunny and Santa, too.  I am prepared for that though.  It will be a different kind of Christmas where it's not about what Santa brings but what Christmas REALLY means.    I mean we still try to push the true meaning of Christmas but somehow the kids always get lost in the Santa part of Christmas and not the baby Jesus part.  Something for me to work on.
I might have to google it! :-)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Rewind

The Summer is Gone.
The time where the kids are home and we can go anywhere with
no school or activities to go around is over.
We are sequestered close to home during the week.
And only free on weekends.
I literally blinked and summer was over.
I spent this morning going over the next two months of activites to our family calendar.
Adding the weeks where Daddy will be gone, early outs, and
fun things like weddings and races.
It makes me think that before I know it the holidays will be here.
So before I forget what ir was like
here a glimpse of our summer.
It was a.....
Big Girl Bed Sleeping
 Running in the backyard
 bathing in the baby pool
 Dancing at the Castle
 Sunglasses wearing
Tarzan Rope Swinging 
Treasure Hunting
 Basketball Shooting
Use every crayon in the box 
 Sleep under the stars
Ring around the Rosie
Watching the Olympics 

Sand Castle Building
 Backyard Splashing
 Boat Riding
No Training wheel kind of summer.
Can it be over already?
Yes, cause now starts football, soccer, cheerleading, girl scouts, cub scouts,
religious ed, and who knows what! 
School has officially started and so has my job as head chauffeur.
One of the many jobs I have..... it doesn't pay well.  ;-)

Happy Weekend!!

Well, last week just flew by.  The kids are into a routine with school and tomorrow
is Gigi's first day at school for a full day.
I expect a tired little girl come 3:30.
The older two kids have been big helpers to her.
They hold her hand as she enters the school and help her find a seat in the gym.
She didn't even want me walking her to the door on her first day.  :-(
I guess she is in good hands.
On Thursday I treated our kindergartner to a special lunch out.
Me and the girls went out to lunch and we got to hear all about how the first day went.
I am going to miss these lunches.
Have I told you that the weather has been perfect?
It has.
And we are enjoying it.
The kids are making up for staying inside most of the summer when the weather was above 100*
and now don't want to come inside.
I don't mind.
We warmed up the firepit on Friday night.
It was a perfect night for a campfire and smores.
Saturday morning we finished a project I started.
I started tearing out shrubs in our backyard.
Some were half dead, some were just ugly.
Now it is a blank canvas. 
Nothing to put in it this year, but next spring I have a few ideas.
Goodbye Dead Shrub!!
Daddy treated us after a hard day's work!
He took us out to Osaka's Steakhouse.
The kids were mesmerized by the Hibachi Chef cooking at the table.
Lil Miss did not like it so much. 
She scurried out of the high chair as soon as the chef put flames on the grill.
She buried her face in my shoulder and stayed like that pretty much until he left.
She LOVED the fried noodles though.
The kids all had chicken hibachi, but they tried onion soup, mommy's calamari, and
It was a real treat.
We had all gotten dressed up for the occasion. 

Our own personal chef 
This would be about the time Lil Miss freaked out!!!
It was an onion volcano. 
They all tried their hand at chop sticks. 
Rosie preferred the fork and asked why anyone eats with "those".
Gigi had the chopsticks mastered.
She ate her entire meal with "those".  She even ate the fried rice like a super star. 
I am not that bad at it, but with Lil Miss on my shoulder it was a bit difficult so I retreated to the easy fork option.
Mommy was only one of two at our table to catch the egg that the chef threw into our mouths. 
Yes, I got skills!!
Rosie can't wait to go back for her birthday so she can wear the BIG hat.

Today we chill out at home.
Daddy headed to go draft for his fantasy football team league morning.
I explained it to the kids like this....
you know how you guys play "house"
(daddy objected to this line of explaining but I continued)
Well, daddy likes to pretend he is the coach of a imaginary football team. 
He is going to meet with some of his friends and pick football players for his imaginary team.
Then during the football season he will root for his imaginary team.
Just like you guys pretend to be mommy and daddy when you play "house" or play doctor
or play superheros.  Daddy is pretending.   

I think this is a pretty good analogy.
Daddy doesn't think so --- it's not imaginary, it's a real team! 
If you say so Coach Schulte.