Friday, August 10, 2012

Coutdown 5 Days!!

5 days until end of summer.
I know so many days this summer the kids stayed inside
because it was soooo hot outside.  But now the weather
is summer perfect!!
We took advantage of the perfect summer weather yesterday.
 We went to Centennial Park in Davenport. 
I had planned on going there all summer long, but excuse after excuse and we hadn't been there until
We packed a picnic lunch and bottles of water and headed to explore a new playground.
I think this makes the seventh different playground we have
explored... many more to go.
I text Nate this photo at work and he commented that this couldn't be at our house  because the lawn is green.  That's true.... our lawn is a dull tawny brown and feels like dry straw.  It's not comfortable to roll around in unless you lay in the small green patch under the crabapple.  But at the park they obviously water alot more often and have nice lush green grass that just calls to you to lay down.
The reason I wanted to visit this area was that they had a splash park.  It was cheap fun. 
Lil Miss who is usually not to happy about getting her face wet, was running through the water like a pro.  Big sis wanted to be in charge of keeping an eye out on Lil Miss so she toted her around to each and every sprinkler.   

This little girl was taunting me from inside the mist of water. 
Just come in mommy.... I didn't take the bait.   
 And to dry off before we got in the minivan (that I had just washed and vacuumed before heading to the park) we played at the playground.
I think I will have to come down here again because you can't beat the view of the Mississippi and a playground with equipment in the shape of a big steamship. 
This little girl climbed up one of those arched ladder things and got all the way to the top before wondering how to get down.  Seriously her climbing skills are a bit unnerving.  She was all smiles though and even gave me her "cheese" face. 
We are down one more day on our countdown to school..... more plans for today. 

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