Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scouts Honor

We've started a new adventure this week. 
The adventure of Cub Scouts.
It's a tradition in the Schulte household.
{Bubba's Godfather Jeff in Cub Scouts}
Nate and his three brothers are all Eagle Scouts.
I learned the hard way not to show ANY pictures of Nate in his uniform apparently it
hurts his "cool" persona.
I do have some pictures of him in his eagle dance outfit (think feathers and moccasins).
Maybe that isn't off limits.  wink wink
Don't laugh Uncle Dale and Uncle Neil.... I have photos of you two too and ain't afraid to use them.
I got out of my comfort zone walking into the Boy Scout Store getting his uniform. 
As much as I love the outdoors and I find digging in my front yard calming, I am still a "City" girl compared to Nate's family.  The first time I went to go meet his parents officially, there was a
deer carcass hanging from their basketball pole. 
True story.
I have picked up Rosie's Girl Scout stuff before but all she wears is a vest. 
I am clueless on the whole boy scout uniform and would
have probley put Bubba's scarf on backwards if I had to guess. 
There are so many rules and under Nate's watchful gaze
proper ways to wear the uniform.
Nate showed me all the tricks of scouting while getting Bubba
ready for his first Den meeting Monday night.
Bubba was excited. 
I am not sure he even knew what he was going to do there, he was just excited to do something new.
 When they walked into the house after the meeting that night, he had a smile from ear to ear. 
"That was the BEST night ever!!"
He proceeded to tell me all about how they made root beer with dry ice and how they learned all about selling popcorn.  By the way, he will be asking all of you if you want to buy some soon!!  :-)
He went to bed dreaming about getting the skateboarding patch and of having camp outs with his dad.
This momma is so proud.
Nate has realistic expectations that he probley won't go all the way to eagle scout if he continues to love sports and do as much of that as he can.  He has an amazing athletic ability, which he obviously gets from me.  LOL  But there is no telling how much he will like scouting. 
Uncle Jeff played baseball and soccer and still made the rank of Eagle Scout.
I will encourage his scouting as long as he loves it. 
He can't wait to learn how to use a compass or a pocket knife.
This momma hopes it is a long time before he uses a pocket knife.
You have to love the Boy Scout Law though...
A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful,
friendly, courteous, kind,
obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean, and
Doesn't every mother what those traits in their son?
And I love the motto that the scouts live by. 
Be Prepared.
Who is more prepared than this momma?
Not many.
So we venture off into the world of Boy Scouts. 
Patches, codes, and special handshakes. 
I can't wait for all the boy bonding.

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