Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Rewind

The Summer is Gone.
The time where the kids are home and we can go anywhere with
no school or activities to go around is over.
We are sequestered close to home during the week.
And only free on weekends.
I literally blinked and summer was over.
I spent this morning going over the next two months of activites to our family calendar.
Adding the weeks where Daddy will be gone, early outs, and
fun things like weddings and races.
It makes me think that before I know it the holidays will be here.
So before I forget what ir was like
here a glimpse of our summer.
It was a.....
Big Girl Bed Sleeping
 Running in the backyard
 bathing in the baby pool
 Dancing at the Castle
 Sunglasses wearing
Tarzan Rope Swinging 
Treasure Hunting
 Basketball Shooting
Use every crayon in the box 
 Sleep under the stars
Ring around the Rosie
Watching the Olympics 

Sand Castle Building
 Backyard Splashing
 Boat Riding
No Training wheel kind of summer.
Can it be over already?
Yes, cause now starts football, soccer, cheerleading, girl scouts, cub scouts,
religious ed, and who knows what! 
School has officially started and so has my job as head chauffeur.
One of the many jobs I have..... it doesn't pay well.  ;-)

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