Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We are starting a Rock Band

I am trying to squeeze in as much as I can in last few days of the kids summer.
 The last trip to the park, the last trip to the Family Museum,
many trips to get ice cream treats, and bike rides galore.
The weather has been fantastic. 
It's been super comfortable outside and I find myself shooing the kids outside as soon
the clock reads 8 o'clock.
Mommy follows as soon as the dishes are clean and table cleaned off from breakfast--- ok that's a lie, I don't usually do the dish I just soak in a few minutes of quiet before going outside myself with Lil Miss.
I was in the creative spirit on Friday so silly me I got out the paint.
The two little girlies and I put some paint on canvas.
Gigi created some pretty colors by mixing one, two and three paints. 
I can't wait to hang the new artwork up! 

Lil Miss got distracted by her brother and sister doing their rip sticks around our paint area
and often ended up painting herself.
Good thing I used finger paints for her -- they came right out after a good bath. 
{Our Mess}

On Sunday we rested.
We had gone to church the night before, per Nate's request that he "get to sleep in one day"
so Sunday was pajama day.  Literally Mommy was in her pajamas until bath time.
It was a cloudy day and after cleaning the basement last week I had unearthed some
long lost equipment.
Our rock band set.
2 guitars, one drum set, and a microphone.
Back in the day (before kids) Nate and I would have friends over
and it never failed that the drums would be pulled out and people would start
playing Rock Band.
It hasn't been played in awhile.
The spiders had made a weave of cobwebs over the box. 
But after a little Endust and plugging the cords in we were in session.
We had our own little concert Sunday morning.
Our goal to become a singing family rock band is finally taking shape.
Okay maybe we need a little more practice. 
The kids enjoyed it as much as Nate and I. 
Bubba was getting a consistent 80-87% on the Bass each song. 
Lil Miss loved playing with the microphone which wasn't plugged in.
And all the kids took turns banging out some beats on the drums.
I hadn't laughed that loud in a long time. 
After having a lazy day on Sunday, mommy was determined to get out of her pajamas on Monday morning.  We drove to Iowa City to the Children's Museum to meet some friends.

{driving an airplane}

{mommy time} 
I had promised to take the kids on the carousel before we left the mall .... and I kept my promise.
Lil Miss was so amazed when the carousel started moving.
Then after the first rotation she wanted off.    I think this was the fastest carousel she had been on and she was scared.  But she stuck it out and I can tell you it was a long ride. 
Mommy was dizzy. 

We then said our good-byes and headed home.
We are saying good bye to summer. 
In less than 24 hours the kids will be off at school. 
Hopefully absorbing lots of knowledge in those brains of theirs.
They will get to see their friends and pack their lunch for school.
Which I can't understand why they are always SO excited to pack their lunch for school,
because when I make the same thing for lunch here at home they don't want it.
Ugh.... the joys of having kids.
I have lots on my agenda planned as soon as I drop the kids off on Wednesday.
Is that a bad thing?
So many things I planned on doing this summer that with 4 kids running around I didn't even attempt to do.
Good Bye Summer!
 Oh, I almost forgot to say the favorite part of our weekend. 
We have another biker in our midst.
Gigi after only 20 minutes can ride a bike with NO training wheels.
She had lots of cheerleaders shouting "You Can Do It!" on the sidelines.
We are still working on some of the more technical skills, but she has mastered the art of bike riding.
Bubba is always right there to help her get started.
We had a few scrapes and boo-boos... but I remember the other two being so much
harder and bloody. 
Having a new bike rider really gets you motivated to go outside because
she is constantly asking us to go out to take a bike ride. 
And speaking of that.... away we go....

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