Thursday, August 9, 2012

All good things must come to an end

Last weekend was our last mini vacation of the summer.  We have logged many miles this summer (not all in the camper) from Florida, to Tennessee, to Michigan, to weekends not to far from home.  Our first summer with the fifth wheel and I think it was a success.  We met up with Nate's brother Neil in Quincy, Michigan at Marble Lake.  The kids had a blast.  Boats, sand, and other kids to play with how much can they ask for?
Bubba being cautious of the sun.  It was cute until Daddy had to retrieve the hat from the lake as it fell in. 
Morning time in the camper.  This little girl wakes up with a smile and lots of energy.  Here she is checking out the other little girl in the mirror.  They were playing peek a boo.  She would put on her sunglasses and "disappear" then reappear.  Easy Entertainment!!
Uncle Neil had his hands full. 
He hadn't seen Lil Miss for a while and she has really grown since Easter. 

They all had fun! Lots of marshmallows, pudgey pies, and camping food.... heaven!
When we got home on Sunday we had house guests for a few days.  Grandma Judy and Aunt Kathy came to stay with us for a few days.  I think they were a little shocked at the mountain of laundry in my laundry room, but we tackled it and I can say it is cleaned and all put away.  I would have to guess we did probley 11 - 12 loads of laundry in the last couple of days.  Bubba's comforter had to go in the wash after a little incident involving Grandma Judy's foundation makeup and Lil Miss. 
Lil Miss needs to learn how to blend.
We now are going to enjoy our last 5 days of summer before school starts next Wednesday. 
What can we squeeze in the last wee hours of summer vacation???

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