Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Tried it Tuesday}-- Paint Chip Art

I am a pinterest addict.
It is just fodder for my crafty mind which is always at work.
My husband would like to block it from my phone/computer
because it only causes him headaches. 
The new recipes are great... he just doesn't like all the new projects.
I decided that I need motivation to do more of the projects that I pin. (Nate cover your ears)
I have almost 1400 ideas pinned and some of them I've done but there are so many more to do!!
What's a girl to do?
I need to create a board for "Pins I've Done".
But I wanted to take it one stop farther and make myself a challenge. 
So every Tuesday I am going to post a {Tried it Tuesday}. 
I will document my pinning projects.
Some may look awesome, some may be utter failures. 
That's how it goes.
I promise to do some recipes too.  If I get really motivated and see that I have plenty of time to get my laundry done and do 2 projects a week then I will possibly incorporate recipes a different day of the week.  We will see how it goes. I may just take naps everyday and not get anything done.
Sounds tempting.

This weeks pinned project started during a normal day running errands.
While I was at Lowe's last week, I swung by the paint aisle.  I was
there for a reason -- trying to find a good shade of brown to paint our
exterior doors. Lil Miss was having a good time holding my paint chips and I grabbed
her a few colors of the rainbow. 
THEN a picture of all the pins I saw on pinterest with paint chips popped into my head.
I started grabbing a few of each color.  Feeling slightly guilty that I was grabbing so many paint chips I also threw in some painters tape and some super glue.  Just because.
I already had some foam board at home so then I started brainstorming to what I can create with
the paint chips I brought home. 
I can't lie, I have so many ideas that this might not be my last project with them.

 I did cut down the squares to eliminate the color names on the chips.
I started laying them on the board in ROY G. BIV order. 
For those of you who don't remember art class that is
I am a little neurotic with that.  My closet is even in ROY G. BIV order.  Seriously.
I find when I put the toys away I tend to put them in color order. 
Blocks, Legos, crayons, they all fall victim to my rainbow order system.
So when I started messing with the paint chips
this is what came about....
Now I hadn't yet, cut the board down and added some final touches... but I was liking it.
This was the pin that sparked this project
from pinterest www.imgspark.com
I then wanted to add something special for the girl's who room I planned to put it in. 
I had originally planned to put it in the little girl's room, but it turned out much brighter than I expected.  Rosie came home from school and saw it sitting on the front table like this, and wanted to know immediately what it was for.  I told her we were going to spruce up her room and
put it on her wall.  She was ecstatic.
I am Happy how it turned out. 
What do you think?
It's not on Rosie's wall yet, but I am working on a few new things to
go up with it to finish the collection and then I will reveal it.
Paint Chip Art
Paint chips = Free
Foam Board = $1.27
Black Cardstock = $.99
whole project 
Not to Bad!!!

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