Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Camping with Friends

Camping with friends is so much more fun!
Yes, we slept in the great outdoors this weekend again. 
And when I say sleep in the great outdoors,
I mean we slept in A/C in the camper with a bathroom 2 feet away.
Not too bad.
The kids have so much more fun when they have someone to play
with other than their brother and sisters.
They was much less fighting. 
Lil Miss assumed her usual position while hiking. 
 All the kids plus me!
 We camped at Scott County Park which is only 20 minutes away from our house.
We had never been up there and were surprised at how BIG and how well maintained it all was.
Our tax money at work.
There are many more trails to explore and I am sure you will find us up
there again.
Maybe even this year still!
After working up a sweat hiking we decided to go to the pool.
Either we didn't work up a big enough sweat or they fill the pool with ice cubes,
but it was FREEZING.
Like teeth chattering cold.
We didn't stay long because Bubba was turning into a popsicle. 
Daddy warm me up. 
 When we got back to our "home away from home" it was just in time for naps.
Everyone but mommy got some shut eye.
Even the puppies were nice and comfortable. 
Did I tell you how nice it is to have other kids camping with us?
Of course it wouldn't be camping if we didn't wade in some poison ivy.
Can't wait until the fall and the underbrush dying back for us to do more
geocaching in the deep forest.
One of the geocaches were nestled in the middle of a forest of pine trees.
It was really cool!
I caught Gigi playing Pocahontas, it was priceless.
On Sunday morning as we were making breakfast it begun to rain. 
We finished our eggs, sausage and toast and started to pack up.
Nate and I are getting better at packing up and hooking up because it didn't take long at all and we were at home.
At noon we were all washed up and in our pajamas.
Yep, that's right, in our pajamas at noon.
Daddy insisted since it was raining we were having a pajama day and we all got cozy.
Mommy got a nap and was able to take a long hot shower.
Nate and I even enjoyed a movie while the kids played with puzzles, go fish, and Nerf wars.
It was the perfect ending to the weekend.

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