Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Learning the truth

I always told Nate that when the kids asked if Santa was real, I wasn't going to lie.  Mommy would cry a little on the inside because the "magic" is gone, but I wasn't going to lie.  I lecture my kids constantly about lying and telling the truth no matter the consequences.  So I took my own advice.
Yesterday started out like this....

Rosie:  I have a tooth that's loose
Mommy:  (checking how much wiggle the tooth has)  Oh, yes you do.
That tooth won't last too long.  Go play and we will have to put it under your pillow
when it falls out.
Fast Forward an hour
Mommy:  Oh yes it did.  That didn't last long. 
Let's put it in a baggie and put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy.
Rosie:  I wonder what the tooth fairy will bring.  Maybe a toothbrush again....
Mom, are you the tooth fairy?
Mommy:  (thinking-- NO this isn't happening.  I am totally busted.)  Umm, why do you say that?
Rosie:  Because sometimes you buy tooth brushes for us.
Mommy: AND sometimes the dentist gives you tooth brushes.
Rosie:  (ever vigilant, I think she smelled fear)  Are you and dad the tooth fairy?
Mommy:  How bout we talk later okay, Rosie.
Rosie:  Okay
Fast Forward to Bedtime and all the other children are tucked in bed
Nate had reminded me that I ALWAYS said when they asked I would tell them the truth.
That was good in theory but now I had to tell them and it was kind of sad.
We went into together for moral support.
Rosie:  Okay will you tell me, are you and dad the tooth fairy?
Mommy:  Yes, we are the tooth fairy.
Rosie:  I knew it.   How do you guys know you are the tooth fairy?
Mommy and Daddy: Huh??
Rosie:  Did you guys have to google it?  Is that why you guys had to talk about it and then come talk to me?
Mommy:  (stifling giggles)  No, we didn't google it.   We just ARE the tooth fairy?  When you lost your first tooth we were the ones to put the tooth brush under your pillow.  And when you lost all your other teeth we were the ones to put the money under your pillow..
Rosie: Whoa, wait!  You guys put the money under the pillow?  When I was sleeping you... Oh MAN!!  You guys are good!  I didn't even hear you when you were moving my pillow to get to my tooth. 
Daddy:  One time you were actually holding onto the bag with the tooth and we had to pry your fingers off the bag without you waking up.  We took turns playing the tooth fairy.  But, now you are in on a very special secret.  Your brother and sisters don't know that we are the tooth fairy.
They haven't had the joy of putting their tooth under a pillow and having the tooth fairy
bring them a toothbrush or a dollar bill.
When a child first believes in a tooth fairy it is about believing in something even if you can't see it.  Just like we know God is in our hearts even if we can't see him we know he is there.
You need the power of believing.  It is the power to believe in yourself, believe in your talents, and believing that anything is possible.
It's something you can't hold in your hands but will keep your heart content.
Someday you will get to do this for your children, and you will enjoy seeing their faces when
they think the tooth fairy has been sneaking under their pillow to get their tooth.
But really it was YOU.
Imagine how much fun that will be.
Rosie:  Can I tell Bubba and Gigi?
Daddy:  No, we want to be the ones to tell them when they ask and have questions.
Can you keep a secret?
Rosie:  Sure....do I still get money for my teeth?
Daddy:  Sure

So the secret is out!  It's only a matter of time before she discovers the truth about the Easter Bunny and Santa, too.  I am prepared for that though.  It will be a different kind of Christmas where it's not about what Santa brings but what Christmas REALLY means.    I mean we still try to push the true meaning of Christmas but somehow the kids always get lost in the Santa part of Christmas and not the baby Jesus part.  Something for me to work on.
I might have to google it! :-)

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