Friday, August 10, 2012

Are you sleeping?

We are having sleep problems.
I have never been in this situation.
From 7 weeks, Lil Miss was sleeping through the night.
This sleep deprived momma was in heaven when her baby was sleeping 7-8 hours a night.
I still had bags under my eyes, but that was because I was still up all wee hours of the night trying
to catch up on the piles of laundry and dishes that were invading our home.
 Then our baby turns one and she is still a great sleeping baby.
She won't fall asleep in public places or in a crowded room but she took 2 naps
almost everyday and went to bed without any qualms at night.
 Then flash forward to present day.  Our baby isn't a baby anymore.  She is growing like a weed and 2 1/2 months from turning 2 and decides she doesn't want to sleep anymore. 
She baulks at naps during the day and then fights us tooth and nail to go to bed at night. 
What gives?
Last night Nate was at a work-thing and I was too exhausted to fight her, so I let her snuggle in my bed and she fell asleep with not to much of a fuss.  But am I starting something bad?  Wait don't answer that, I know I am.  But do I allow her to scream and cry in her bed while her big sister is trying to get sleep or put her in my bed. 
Ignore the fact that she is still sucking her thumb at 21 1/2 months. 
We are working on that too..... it isn't easy.
So for the first time I find myself struggling to get her to sleep. 
Advice anyone?  Is putting her to sleep in our bed such a bad idea?  Nate, you are not allowed to answer that because you are against any children in our bed at ANY time.
But, if I have to continue to put her to sleep will she get used to be put asleep that way and not go to bed herself, or will she eventually go back to bed herself in her own room. 
Let me remind you that we have a 5 year old who starts kindergarten next week in the same room who needs her beauty sleep.
Dilemma, Dilemma.

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