Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's Learn

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
B.B. King

It's Here!!!
School Time
It is bittersweet.  Nice to finally have some time to maybe get things done around
the house while the pigpens are at school, but sad that they are growing up WAY too fast.
I was prepared today.
Ran this morning at 5:15 am
Had my shower done before any child woke up
All the kids clothes were layed out the night before
Started breakfast of chocolate chip waffles, peach smoothies
and fresh peaches
I was prepared
THEN somebody wanted something else for breakfast
somebody else didn't want to wear what they had layed out the night before
Lil Miss was not cooperating in NOT getting into everything this morning
It did not go "as planned"
but we survived the first day and it only gets easier.
As we were leaving that morning I did manage to snap a few pictures.
You have to have the First Day of School Picture, you just gotta. 
This little girl is headed to Kindergarten
I thought she would be the one to really cling to me and not want to go
but this morning she asked if she could go by herself and mommy stay at home. 
She is all grown up.  
This boy is ready for 1st Grade.
He is a pro.
One year of kindergarten under his belt and you can believe that he could teach the other kids.
He knows it all! 
Last year at kindergarten orientation he was the one who was crying and didn't want to leave me.
What a difference a year makes!
This girl is going to 2nd Grade.
She is turning into such a pretty young lady.
Watch out 2nd grade here she comes!!! 
She has changed so much since the first day of kindergarten 2 years ago.
Gigi has two older siblings to show her the ropes. 
We survived kindergarten orientation this morning without any tears. 
She was so proper and well mannered. 
I am a proud mommy.
The teacher asked a question and she was the first to raise her hand and answer.
Now the tears fall.
They are off and mommy is 3/4 of an empty nest.
It will be a little quieter around here.
What to do?? 

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