Wednesday, December 24, 2014

And I will run 500 miles...

I did it! 
I mean I've run two half marathons, but did I think I could run 500 miles in one year.. 
not really. 
But I did it.  
I ran my last 3 miles yesterday on my birthday. 
A beautiful way to end my 33rd year.  
On my usual route from our house, I have passed this faint 500 
spray painted on the sidewalk so many times.  
It was a constant reminder of the goal I had set for 2014. 
Something I thought was impossible, but I have recently pushed myself pass the unthinkable. 
500 miles. 

 I have to admit, many times I told myself to quit. 
My body said to quit.  It hurt, my body ached and still aches.
I have thrown up on this path to 500 miles. (a couple of times)
I've walked many of the miles, just because I didn't think I could run any more, but didn't stop. 
Strength isn't measured by what you can do though, 
it is all about conquering what you once thought was impossible! 

I'm ready for my 500 mile jacket. 
I did it. 


  1. Way to go mom! I am proud of you! Now, let's get to the good stuff, we need a drink to celebrate!

  2. Way to go Lynn!!! You should be very proud!