Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or Treat

This week was full of preparations for Trick or Treat. 
We started the week carving/painting pumpkins. 
The girls all chose to paint their pumpkins, and I am convinced that is a less messy option. 
The weather was so wonderful last Sunday that we did everything outside.  
I can't say that today because it is bitter cold this morning. 

 We participated in the #tealpumpkinproject and painted one of our pumpkins teal to 
support children with food allergies. 
We had eyeball rings and spinning tops for anyone who wanted a non-food item.
Having a child with a food allergy, I understand the frustration some moms can 
have with this time of year.   
Gigi really keeps an eye on what goes in her Halloween basket to make sure she eats nothing with nuts. 
When someone passes out a Snickers, a Butterfinger, or a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, she politely 
takes the treat, says thank you, and then puts it into one of her siblings baskets. 
Dad and I go through her loot thoroughly so that she didn't miss anything before she can eat any treats. 
Food allergies are no joke.  

The kids had tried on their costumes many times that week.
They love to dress up. 
 Lil Miss was able to wear her costume to preschool on Friday and was so excited.  
Can you believe it, she was the only Elsa in her class!  

Our town trick or treated on October 31st this year, so as soon as the kids got home from school 
they were transforming into their characters.  

 This year we had a rockstar, a Greek goddess, Storm Shadow (from G.I. Joe), and of course Elsa. 
 In 15 minutes they had enough candy to last til the end of the year, but they wanted to knock on more doors so we kept on trick or treating.  We now have enough candy to last a lifetime.  

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