Sunday, September 9, 2012

Grandparents Day!!!

It's a day to celebrate the Grandparents in your life!!
We are blessed to have amazing grandparents. 
The kids love their grandmas and grandpa.
 We are lucky enough to get to spend time with them when we are home and more than
once the kids have mentioned that "that isn't the way Grandma does it."
What can I say Grandma's can do no wrong.
 We didn't get to spend time or chat with the grandparents today, they were all busy I am sure catching candy at the Pioneer Parade, but I hope they know how much they were thought of and
how much we miss them.
The kids are exstatic when we get to skype them and see them. 
It is way better than than the telephone, which my children can't quite grasp the
etiquette for.  On the phone they are either too quiet for them too hear or talking over one another so
nobody can hear anything. 
So since we didn't get to say it today  Happy Grandparents Day!!
We cherish each moment we get to spend with you and the kids favorite things about Grandma and Grandpa are:
Rosie -- Grandma Pam lets us drink pop
Bubba --  Grandma Judy has fish, jet skis and boat .. way cooler than here. 
Gigi --  My favorites are... Grandma Pam because she lets us play instruments, Grandpa Bill picks on me, and Grandma Judy makes me cinnamon bread with SUGAR.
Lil Miss -- what can I say they all spoil me!!! 
Today was also a day to remember Grandpa Bob. 
I was mowing earlier and "his song" came on and lots of memories come flooding in.
He's never too far from our thoughts. 
Miss him lots.
Too all you out there that are Grandparents know that you are such a heroic presence in your grandkids eyes.  They see you as better versions of their parents because even though you may be stirct... your not too strict. 
And you feed them lots of sugar and then send them home! 
Happy Grandparents Day!!! 

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