Friday, September 14, 2012

My Garden Helper

I've been working in the garden.
There's nothing I like better than crafting.. but gardening comes in a close second.
I really like wielding a shovel and adding plants to the earth.
When you step back and look at it, you realize you made something prettier.
Love it!
I spent alot of time this week transforming our front yard.
I haven't yet tackled the backyard.
Don't worry honey I am not a doing alot this year, just mulch and edging!
We stopped by a local nursery Wednesday morning to pick up our essentials and got to work.
Of course the essentials also included a pick me up from Starbucks. 
But as soon as I turned my back, looked who swiped my frappaccino.
Lil Miss.
Caffeine high for sure. 
After she sucked down 1/4 of my drink she had all the energy in the world to help mommy in the
garden.  She used her little stroller as a wheelbarrow just like mommy's.
We got so much accomlished. 
She brought flowers to me.
Then jumpropes,
shoes from the garage,
and roller skates.
I had quite the collection of stuff around my landscaping.
It fit in well with the new roses, mums, irises and mulch.
It was a successful garden day.
Not to mention the clean up of all the odds and ends lying around.
I am glad I got so much done in the garden on Wednesday because
Thursday was a good day to stay inside.
It was overcast and spitting rain much of the day.
I stay snuggled in my sweats.
Lil Miss had it in her head that she was going to go to school with the big kids.
She got her shoes on, big sis helped her get her backpack down from the hook and
out the door they went.
She was slightly disappointed when I didn't let her get out of the car at school.
A couple more years little girl.
Did I mention that she also had her first braid?
Oh yes, mommy spent some time that morning doing all the girls hair and Lil
Miss got her first braid. 
She is growing up was to fast... and her hair is growing to fast too!!!
I have a few more bags of soil and mulch laying in the backyard so I am sure I
will be back at it next week.   But for now I am done. 
Going to go enjoy the weekend now.
Watching the girls cheer, soccer games, friend's wedding, first religion class,
football and more cheer.
I think we have a full weekend ahead.
Happy Weekend!!!!!

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