Saturday, September 15, 2012

{Sew'd it Saturday} -- Felt Patches

So do your kids get holes in the knees?
It's like an epidemic around here.
Seriously holes pop up overnight in new pairs of jeans.
One Sunday morning before church, I laid out church clothes for Bubba to put on.
He was dressed and ready to go and as we head out the door to go to church I look down at his knees to see that there is a hole in his NEW khakis from seam to seam that was not there this morning.
Asking Bubba where this happened, he answered  "well, I was sliding in the living
room doing break dancing and it riped."
Yes, my son can break dance, or at least he thinks he can.
Usually these pants would have been thrown in the garbage can, a waste I know, but recently
since I recieved my sewing machine I have been hoarding these pants to patch someday.
Finally this week I picked up the first one.
These are a pair of Rosie's khakis.  They are double layered with sweatpants material on the inside. 
They are so comfortable I wish they made them in my size.
 {the hole}
About 3" of lining showed through the hole and they were
not school worthy anymore.
So seeing all this cool stuff being done with felt (on pinterest of course) I decided to
make a cute felt patch for her knee.
I had some leftover hot pink felt from a different project and cut it in a heart shape free hand.
It's not perfect but good enough.
I could have used a stencil but I never do things the correct way.
 I pinned the felt patch on the pants leg to cover the hole and got to
work hand stitching the heart on the knee.
I used khaki thread so it would show up. 
It's a personal thing, but I like that look
and I wasn't sure how to sew with my machine inside a pants leg.
Now, Rosie has the cutest pair of pants. 
A quick sewing project.
One more thing off my to do list. 
Now only 13 more pants to go.  LOL
Haven't decided what to do with the boy's pants because hearts are to girly but
I'll get creative and let you know what I do.
If you have a pile of holey pants like me.... you could do this same thing during an episode of Parenthood or Glee and feel so accomplished while still sitting on your butt.
At least I do! 

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