Friday, September 28, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Sorry I have my daughter in the same room jumping around singing the words to
Carly Rae Jepson's song in my head.  It's a good friday night.
I have been spending some time getting to know my new iphone.
Yes, Nate got his way and we are now sporting new iphones hot off the FedEx truck.
Nate had me sitting by the door on Tuesday morning waiting for the delivery truck.
He's been a little excited.
He ripped open the packaging the minute he got home and started uploading stuff right away. 
This girl, just today started putting apps on it. 
I finally sent a notice to my contact list that my phone number is changing  (not a fun task), and I am in the process of changing our number on everything. 
Because we have been living without a home phone too, so I have to contact the school, the
dr., the coaches and everyone and their brother and tell them our number is now different.
Oh, so fun. 
And Nate wonders why it took me 3 days to start using the new phone. 
But this is the change in the phones.
Old vs. New
Yep, that's the old phone on the left. 
I broke it again! 
Let's hope they make this iphone 5 indestructible.
I've been living with this broken phone for about 5-6 weeks.
It was really good when I put the plastic screen cover on it because before that I couldn't text without getting glass fragments imbedded in my pointer finger.  OUCH!
I am waiting on my new customized monogrammed case to come in the mail and then
I will be so update and stylish. 
Look at me!!
I am super stoked that I can take pictures of myself again without the camera being all blurry from the cracks in the glass.  LOL
My husband could tell you everything different and better about the new iphone 5. 
All I can tell you is that it seems faster  (US weekly ap doesn't lock the phone everytime I open it),
the screen seems brighter, and the phone is taller and doesn't fit in the same case (hence my new monogrammed case purchase).
Oh, and it needs a different cord to charge it apparently, which is a pain.
So from my new iphone 5 .... Siri says "hi!"

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