Thursday, February 19, 2015


I love you in the morning
& in the afternoon
I love you in the evening
and underneath the moon.  

Skidamarink a dink a dink
Skidamarink a doo.
I love you.
 Apologies for the preschool sing along, 
but we do have a singing 4 year old in the house. 
This tune so adequately describes my love for this little girl. 
My Gigi. 
I cannot believe she turns 8 tomorrow. 
 This girl made me a mom. 
I know moms usually reserve this for the oldest of their children. 
The child who they gave birth to first. 
Well, obviously my situation is a little different in that my oldest three children 
came into my life all on the same day. 
This girl though. 
This girl was placed in my lap 5 1/2 years ago. 
She was the first of her siblings that I met, and lets say that smile melted my heart. 
 As a mother I have experienced love in a few different ways. 
Some love is gradual, like how a book transforms into something you can't put down by chapter 3.
Gradual love is strong because it is something that blossoms and when you finally accept 
each other you know it is forever. 
Then there is the love that is instant.  
Love at first sight.  
Gigi had me at "hello."
Seriously, look at those cheeks. 
You think her mouth would hurt from as much smiling as this girl does. 
 Gigi has always had her own sense of style. 
She is all girl. 
She prefers skirts over pants, 
sparkle over anything "blah,
and she believes you can never have enough accessories. 
 Happy Birthday baby girl. 
Keep smiling and being who you are. 

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