Thursday, January 29, 2015

Farewell to Parenthood

Spoiler:  Don't read this if you haven't watched Parenthood.
I don't want to ruin it for you because it is the best show on television right now. 
(for one more night :-(  )

Yes, this post is about the TV show. 
I have blogged about it before. 
I LOVE Parenthood, and cannot believe that it is ending. 
The hubby and I have watched this show from the beginning, falling in love 
with Victor's adoption storyline, feeling heartbreak as Max struggled in a public school, 
and happily cheering as Sarah and Hank fell in love. 
Am I too emotional invested in this show? 
But it is good   scratch that, GREAT television and 
is something an American family can relate too. 
Real problems, real struggles, no zombies or unimaginable disasters to 
make it over the top.
Yes, Downtown Abbey is a favorite show of mine too, but is hard to 
relate to Lady Mary Crawley when she has maids to put on her shoes 
and a lady's maid at her every beck and call. 
Unlike my life, putting on boots with strewn lego pieces in them (Ouch) and 
4 children who refuse to pick up any of their toys.  
Last night I caught up on my Parenthood episodes.  
I had not watched the last three episodes.  
When my hubby asked me if I was caught up for the finale tonight, 
I had to tell him no.  I have not been emotionally ready for it. 
Silly.  But I know what is going to happen.  
It's like a train I can't stop and it brings 
back a lot of emotions for me. 
Maybe some that I have never dealt with. 
Their father in a hospital bed sick, running out of options. 
So last night I watched the last three episodes and balled my eyes out.  
I resisted the urge to go downstairs and eat my feelings. 
I cried for these fictional people on TV that were seeing their hero (their dad) 
get sicker and sicker before their eyes. 
I sobbed like a baby when Zeke said "I can hardly wait to walk you down the aisle, "
to his daughter. 
It's been almost four years since I have lost my dad. 
It still hurts.  I can still remember everything from that last week of his life. 
The utter pain I felt, and I wasn't the one who was dying. 
This is where I say thank you to my husband and in-laws, who took care of my four little ones 
so I could be by my dad's side.  They said nothing as I ran off to the hospital to be a 
daughter to the most amazing person I know just a little longer. 

So, last night I was a puddle.  
Some people have posted selfies of them crying from the last few episodes. 
There was no way.  I was full on ugly crying here. 
The wadded up tissues on the floor beside my bed looked like a dozen people had a really bad cold. 
Thank goodness hubby wasn't in the room.  He would have laughed. 
It's a sport for the kids and him to see how long it takes me to cry in sad movies/tv shows/commercials. 
But this morning when I told him I finally watched the episodes, 
all he did was open his arms for me to hug him. 
Of course I cried some more. 
I am a crier. 

So tonight is the night. 
I will have a new box of tissues beside me. 
I may even open up a bottle of wine to ease the pain, 
because it is sad to see this story end.  
But it is only fiction, I have to tell this to myself. 
Because they really show how it really feels... to go through life. 

P.S. I get emotionally depressed when I finish a good book too....

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