Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good Game

So if you are asking where I've been, the almost certain answer is "Basketball."
Whether it is practice, scrimmage or a game, I have my hands full 
with three elementary school kids in basketball. 
They all love the game. 
They can't wait to go to practice and talk all day about the upcoming game. 
  I'm a proud basketball parent.  
It doesn't matter if they make a basket or score a point. 
When they cheer for their team and high five their teammates, that makes me smile the most. 
We are so basketball obsessed that my son is DVR'ing NBA and College hoops games.  
He watches intently at how the big guys play and then calls mom in to see the plays 
I can't miss.  "Mom you have to come in here 
and come see this dunk, it's awesome!"
He is beyond determined to dunk someday. 
Every time I see my kids play I am shocked at how far they've come.  
From the little kids running around with no clue what to do with the ball once they got it in their hands. 
check out this video of Bubba's first game at 4 years old.  
You'll know which one is him on the court.  
Just look for the kids whose jersey is bigger than him. 
 Now they are running plays, grabbing rebounds, and boxing out when they remember. 
It is so fascinating to watch. 
Where did my babies go?
They have great friends/teammates that make going to practice more 
fun than hanging out at home with mom. 
We have invested in lots of money in deodorant, shoe stink powder, and 
 water bottles.... but I don't mind they are having a blast! 
  Their endurance to play a whole game and not complain one bit when the coach puts them in
is so awesome.  They run suicides at practice with smiles laughing at the end. 
Even my Gigi who doesn't like to sweat, is sporting a jersey and pulling down rebounds. 
The only difference between my two daughter's teams is the rainbow of colors 
of socks and shoes the younger girls wear.  
Seriously every color of the rainbow... sometimes all on one player.

So if you are looking for me from November to March.... I'm at basketball. 
Reliving my glory days, showing off my shot that was never as good in high school as it is now.  LOL
Let's play! 

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