Monday, January 12, 2015

Buckeye Proud

So the Buckeyes play a BIG game tonight. 
Our family is appropriately dressed in our scarlet and gray best and 
Hang on Sloopy is playing in the background. 
Whether bad parenting or great parenting (you be the judge) we 
have certainly raised some Ohio State proud kids.  
One of our first acts as parents was to take the kid's to Columbus 
(on one of daddy's business trips) and show them campus. 
The place where mommy and daddy went to school.  
 {proud OSU grads}
  As an OSU student I had gone to many Buckeye home games, but 
I was never more excited then walking on the Horseshoe turf with my kids. 
The kids 
I listened to a video today of a Buckeye player who has always dreamed of 
playing for the Buckeyes.  He talked about this being his dream come true, ever since he 
watched the 2002 National Championship. 
(He was in the second grade)
Yikes, I think of college being just a couple of years ago.... but that does not seem to be the case. 
(I was a Junior at Ohio State the year we won)
I will be thinking of that young man tonight as my son watches in awe as his Buckeyes 
play for the National title.  Win or lose, we will be proud of our Buckeyes. 
We will cheer for them as they take on the Ducks.  
They got this far, beating out over a hundred other teams to play in this game. 
So bring on the game.... O-H

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