Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Being a Voice

In December 2013, I came across Ali Edwards and her blog for word of the year. 
She calls it her One Little Word. 
I was instantly intrigued.  
I embraced this new way of taking on New Year's Resolutions.  
Not setting goals, that sadly I end up falling short of year after year,
but using a word to navigate you through a year.  Push you in mysterious ways.
I was inspired by her words and way of finding meaning in this one little word throughout the year. 
In 2013, after contemplating and really over thinking it I chose my word.... SPARK. 
I had my word posted so I would see it every day and the word's meaning 
transformed over the course of the year.  I was ambitious and energetic seeing 
how my life, from new hobbies to my faith really did spark throughout the year. 
{read my 2013 thoughts here}

In 2014, my word was LIFE. 
I really wanted to have a cool word, but as January approached and I reflected 
on 2013 and looked to what I saw in 2014 this word kept being in the forefront. 
The first thing on my list for 2014 was to take care of me.  
I had been neglecting myself and putting all my energy in taking care of my family. 
I am ashamed to admit it, but until last year I hadn't been to a Doctor since we moved to the 
Quad Cities.  I hadn't seen a gynecologist since I had Lily.  Sad truth. 
So 2014 was to take care of me and take care of my LIFE. 
I finally got a physical, have a family doctor for the hubs and I, 
saw a gynecologist (ugh, pap smear), and here's the kicker took time for myself. 
I found myself taking more mommy breaks. 
(Hello, trip to the Mediterranean)
Saying "yes" to more Mom's night out.
Not feeling guilty for going on a run over the weekend when hubs was home.
I actually shocked myself when I ran 500 miles this year.  
I couldn't have done that in the past... I wouldn't have found it necessary. 
But taking care of me has become as much of a priority as taking care of my family. 
This year 2015, my chosen one little word is VOICE. 
I am looking forward to seeing how this word appears and directs me in 2015. 
Discovering my voice and being a voice for others. 
Keeping Shel Silverstein's poem in my head this year,
I am ready for a year of more personal growth. 
Being a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and human being.
That is what I am striving for.  

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