Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Lovin

Got to love summer. 
We are a few weeks into summer and ticking things off our summer bucket list as we go. 
The weather has been somewhat disappointing so we haven't spent much time in the water, but we have kept busy discovering other things to do.
 I have enjoyed watching all the things bloom and grow in my garden and landscaping. 
It's not perfect, but what I have been able to add to the landscaping the last couple years has really blossomed.  Love!!  
The kids are enjoying finding all the flowers in the garden too! 
This little girl collects all my pretty flowers and brings them inside to put in a glass of water.
I constantly have flowers wilting on the kitchen counter.    
This past week the kids and I headed to Ohio for a few days. 
Nate was in Germany, so we planned for his flight to go into Ohio so he could visit too!
It worked out perfectly.
Lots of cousin time is always a must when in Ohio. 
There is always sadness when we have to leave the cousins saying see you the next time. 
We made it to Ohio just in time for my nephew Lincoln's birthday. 
He turned the big 4!
The kids had a blast eating birthday cake, watching wrapping paper fly, and playing with all the new fun toys.  Thanks aunt Kathy for the toy swords! 
Bubba practiced his driving in the boy's new hot wheels.
As if we didn't have enough birthday cake, Friday night we celebrated Miss Miley's first birthday since we were in town.  Miley is Nate's goddaughter and I had a good time spoiling her. 
I made her a playhouse that fits over a card table.  I had lots of help from the kids.

I hope Miley likes it.  
I made it all pink in hopes that the boys wouldn't monopolize the playhouse.  Apparently that doesn't stop them.  It looked like to much fun!  
Play envelopes to put in the mailbox.


 Miley loved her birthday cake!! 
{Nate's Dad and his Uncles}
On Saturday we attended a wedding for one of Nate's cousins. 
It was great to see his side of the family since the only time we do is at Christmas. 
Bubba was a real showstopper on the dance floor.  At one point there was a large circle around him watching him dance.  Nate had to deflate his head before getting in the van that night.  "Dad, everyone was watching me because I am such a good dancer!"   

{Lil Miss and Miss Miley}
{Me and Miley}
Surprise ... Nate and I actually got a picture with one another.  Shocking!
It was a fun, busy weekend. 
I was definitely a little depressed having to leave Sunday morning. 
Ohio will always be home.   Just have to keep busy for three weeks before we see the family again in Tennessee.   I guess boy scout camp, baseball games, basketball camp, and girl scout camp will keep us busy.  Not to mention going camping on the weekend. 
We are using every minute of the summer to our advantage! 

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