Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome to Summer

So it is summer here at the Schulte house!  The kids last day of school was last Thursday and since I am an insanely crazy mother I decided to let Bubba and Rosie have two friends over right after school that day.  It is insane because I was in the middle of packing for me and the kids to go to Tennessee the next morning.  But because I am very well prepared and organized I had everything packed on Wednesday so that I could enjoy Thursday and not be stressed out.
 And that I did.... I enjoyed the day.  As much as you can with 4 additional kids and 3 of them being boys.  I give my mother in law credit for raising 4 boys and the house still standing.  Boys are a different breed.  As soon as Bubba was with his buddies they were WILD!  Everything turned into weapons and the burping was non stop!

 Since we didn't get a first day of school picture at this school ... we moved 2 weeks after school had started.... we got a last day of school picture.  Any excuse to capture my kids smiles!!!  I cannot believe how big they have gotten!!!   Bubba seems to have grown up before my very eyes in kindergarten. 
 What was really neat about their school is that they have a lowering of the flag ceremony the last day of school.  They apparently have a raising of the flag ceremony the first day of school too.  The whole school body was out in front of school and it definitely generates school spirit. 
 We walked home with our caravan of kids and got a quick lunch.  (the kids got released at 11:30)  Then everyone was in swimsuits and in the backyard.   Here is my attempt at a picture of the three boys.  As you can see they were wrestling the whole time I was trying to get a picture. 
 The girls were so well behaved.  I always thought boys would be easier... but I retract that statement.  ;-)
 The kids played with the slip n slide, two kiddie pools (one for the boys, one for the girls so no cooties were spread!), water guns, and sponge bombs that I made. Thanks to pinterest I was able to make these fun balls out of zip ties and sponges.  They was a major war in the backyard between the girls and boys.. girls won!!
After the kiddos left, we packed up the van and got ready to head to Tennessee the next morning.  We all woke up to say bye to daddy.  He didn't get to go on this vacation... someone's got to work!  :-)I know I've said it before but the kids are fabulous travelers.  We made the 9 1/2 hour trip with only 2 stops.  The only excitement was the last 2 miles when Lil Miss decided to get car sick.  But what would be a vacation without a little excitement!  LOL
 I don't know if it's EVER been this warm on Memorial Day, but we enjoyed the warmth and sunshine.  Mommy got a nice base tan for our Disney trip.

When the sun got too hot we headed inside where the kids learned how to make paper airplanes by the master Aunt Kathy.  Rosie even decorated hers with a captain and passengers. 

  {Grandma Judy got into a heated game of Go Fish.}

We are back home now and getting into the summer spirit.  The kids have chore plans for the summer and a reading challenge that we work on everyday so it's not all fun and games.  On the agenda today:  oil change, playground, and Bubba's last soccer game.  Enjoy!! 

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