Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's HOT out there

Okay I just came in from finishing the mowing.  YUCK!  I am drenched.  I don't think the thermometer topped 100* today, but it was darn close.  I feel my workout is in for the day. 
Yesterday we kept cool by splashing in the pool.  It is becoming quite the routine.  I am debating whether I should break down and get a bigger inflatable pool.  One that would hold maybe 12" of water!!! 
Lil Miss is more and more becoming less afraid of the water.  She used to scream bloody murder at the sight of running water, but now she will hold the hose.  Progress! It makes for a much calmer baby at bathtime. 
{tough girls}
Bubba was all about soaking up the sun.  He would get really heated up and warm then jump in the water.  I guess with 0% body fat you need to absorb the sun's rays to keep warm.  I wouldn't know.
When the big kids started dumping water on her head Lil miss wasn't sure what to think.  It was a mixture of "Ugh what is that?" and " huh, that feels good.  Do it again!". 
Mommy, tried to stay out of the splashing zone but somehow ended up still getting wet.  I just relaxed in the grass... I even got Nate to enjoy nature a little bit after work and pop a squat on the lawn.
With no rain and hot as blazes out, it's a wonder I still have plants.  But my poppys are in bloom and the garden is growing.  We currently have one tomato and one pepper on our plants.  The cucumber plant is huge.  Can't wait!  How are you keeping cool?

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