Monday, June 4, 2012

Only 5 more DAYS!!

Oh my goodness I can't hardly contain my excitement.  5 more days until we are in the most magical place in the world.... DISNEY WORLD.  Woohoo.  This momma is a tad bit excited.  I am organized and started the packing process last night, yes I am a little bit nuts, but for any trip longer than 3 days I start planning a week ahead.  6 people take a while to get packed.  It takes time to make sure all teh clothes are washed and that we have shirts that have bottoms to match and enough socks (preferrably without holes in them) and of course all the right shoes!!  Most of my projects that I have been completing for our Disney trip are done.  The kids all got cute shirts with their names on them for our day at Magical Kingdom courtesy of a cute shop on etsy.  I have big expectations of a cute family picture in front of the castle with their mickey mouse shirts and white cotton ball clouds dotting a pale blue sky.  (These expectations are going to get me into trouble)  I made cute little princess tops for both girls for Holloywood Studios on Sunday and I finished this Snow White dress for Gigi just last night.  The only thing I am working on are matching headpieces....psycho I know! 

It's a good thing I don't have any more time or I would have made more dresses and probley had an outfit for Nate to match too. LOL  The kids have been prepping for the trip by watching a  few youtube videos of Disney.  I don't know how many times we have watched the Darth Vader Dance Off at Hollywood Studios or watched the behind the scenes look at Disney World.  We have had a few discussions about getting autographs and how that all happens.  Bubba keeps asking me if it's real.  AND I answer that it is all real!!  Yes, there will be princesses that will give you a hug and you will see Mickey Mouse waving to you from atop his float in the parade and EVEN Flynn Rider can say "Hi" to you.  It's real, very real.  Disney is where all your dreams come true... just like our dream of having a family and sharing in this amazing experience. 

I made each child their own autograph book as well for the characters to write in, I certainly couldn't have just bought a book off the rack.  Oh NO!!  I will share those later this week because we have 5 DAYS UNTIL DISNEY!!! 

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  1. I'm SOO excited for you all! I can't wait for you to get back and see your pictures...someday this family will make it down there too, I'll need your advice on what to do :) I might also hire you for some crafty help too..hee hee

    Have fun and take LOTS of pictures!